Friday, June 29, 2007

Last day to play

It is the last day of Zoo Camp and therefore my last day to hang out with coffee and my laptop for 4 hours at a time! There is a program to day at the end of camp that Aaron and I will go to and then hopefully we can enjoy an afternoon at the zoo and park. We'll see how that is overcast and rainy at this point, so that plan may not pan out.

We are still waiting to hear about the UMKC job - hopefully we'll know by the end of the day. I try really hard not to live my life waiting for the next step and "what-iffing" or "when _____ happens, then _____ will be fine", but I must admit I am ready to move on to the next phase and be settled somewhere. I am tired of renting and sighing every time I put a hole in the wall knowing I'll have to fill it in if I even want a hope of getting the deposit back!

We have a busy weekend ahead. I am cropping tonight, we have t-ball tomorrow morning, a BBQ to go to tomorrow night, soup kitchen Sunday am and we're going to dinner at some friends' house Sunday night. I suppose I am getting out of a lot of cooking, though!

We have reservations for brunch at the American Girl store...Bryn dealt well with the news about not going to the show. I should have known that she wouldn't really care in the end - the Science and Industry Museum, Natural History Museum and/or aquarium are appealing enough alternatives evidently!


Debi said...

Geez, girl, you do have another busy weekend on tap, don't you? Hope you all have loads of fun!

And it sounds like lots of good stuff planned for Chicago, too! I cannot wait to go there someday...seems like a really cool city.

So, at this point, is Aaron still thinking this might be the job he really wants? My fingers are crossed! Can't wait to hear how it all comes out!

Carrie! :o) said...

Gracious! What a fun/busy weekend you're up against! Don't forget to breathe, okay?! LOL!! Glad Bryn took the news okay! The brunch sounds fun!

Jennifer said...

My goodness, I got tired just reading about your weekend! Hope you take time to sleep in there somewhere!

Praying everything with the job works out and you can get a more permanent situation - how exciting!

Debi said...

Just wanted to let you know that you made me feel better about myself...if you read true crime, too, then surely I can't be a wack-o morbid freak. Well, at least not for reading true crime anyway. lol