Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Dates and aggravation

Not at the same time, though! I definitely was not aggravated on our date - we had a nice dinner out at Granite City and then saw Pirates 3. Every time Aaron and I go out on a date I wonder why we don't do it more often. Then I remember - time and money! It seems I could always use a little more of both!

Bryn and I went to another free movie (Flushed Away), had a picnic lunch and ice cream and went to Target for Father's Day cards (which are obviously going to be late - I always have big plans to do something really creative and end up buying cards at the last minute). All in all, a fun day that didn't get my blood pressure up (unlike yesterday when I had it checked after sitting in the doctors office for a REALLY LONG TIME - but that's another day's rant!).

So onto the aggravation - why, oh why, can't my students just turn their work in on time and do it well? I spend lots of time offering feedback and constructive criticism only to have that feedback ignored on the next assignment. I mean, these people are grown adults and it seems that oftentimes my 5 year old has better listening skills. Now I was not the most stellar student to ever come down the pike, but I really feel like adults should be able to evaluate if they have the time and/or energy to spend the on a college course. And if they don't, stop torturing everyone involved by moaning and complaining and not doing the work! Aaaaaargh! BTW, this a rant I get into multiple times each semester - those of you who have heard it a million times before, just ignore me!


Anonymous said...

I completely understand ~ My Dad's a college professor and he's always dealing with that junk, too. He says he has even had parents of some of his students email him as to why their precious *child* got such and such grade, UGH! That would wear on my last nerve.

So glad y'all had such a nice date! I always think the same thing when David and I go out. We used to get every other weekend to ourselves (my girls would go with their Dad 2 weekends a month) but since their Dad is *away* (military) they don't see him ... and David and I have missed out on our weekends alone. *sniff-sniff*, LOL!

David bought Flushed Away when it came out ... I, however, slept through it, LOL! Not my favorite film, huh?!

Have a good night!

Debi said...

I'm sorry, but I just had to laugh...that is a rant I hear all too frequently around here. Rich's version just generally contains a fair bit of cursing!

Was this your trip to the doc for your biopsy, or something different?

Jennifer said...

Glad you had a great date. We did well going on frequent dates for a while, but it's much more rare now. Money for one, and having to pay a sitter on top of the actual date - no fun. So I hope we get a date soon!

I can't relate to the college thing - but I can imagine! That's gotta be frustrating for sure! I mean, they are adults after all, they need to grow up!! LOL!

Debi said...

Heehee...I somehow just knew that you would be able to relate to the whole animal bone thing!