Friday, June 15, 2007

A girl's night (and day) out!

After a pretty quiet day of vacuuming (which is actually almost fun with my Dyson) and a nap (heavenly) I am going to have dinner out with a girlfriend who is in town. And we are going scrapbooking all day tomorrow! Fun! Of course my scrapbooking stuff is spread out all over my house and I have yet to organize any of it (into my really cute pink rolling tote - my husband says I only scrapbook for the accessories!), but I am hopeful I can pull at least a little of it together before tomorrow morning so I don't spend the entire day shopping the scrapbokking store instead of working!

I picked up a cookbook today called "The Sneaky Chef" by Missy Chase Lapine. If anyone has picky eaters in their house, it has some great tips for sneaking in veggies, beans and whole grains into "normal" foods like burgers, pizza, milkshakes...even cookies. I have tried being sneaky before, but this cookbook appears to take it to a whole new (and supposedly undetectable) level!

O.K. Off to find some pictures and see if I can make a reservation for some Italian food tonight!


Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Ooh, have fun out with your girlfriend, and scrapping! I totally understand about the accessories. I can just "collect" the paper and embellishments and not use them and be happy, LOL!

YUMMY, Italian food :)

Jennifer said...

Have fun going out! I need a girls night very soon! I won't even talk about collecting SB stuff - I have so much stuff, but I there is so much cool new stuff I want!
And I won't say I'm envious of your cool pink bag! I have 2 - a black one and a blue one, but not a cool pink one! Oh well!
Have a blast and hope you get lots done - I wanna see pictures!

Debi said... fun! Who's is town? (Yep, nosy as can be, aren't I?) Hope you'll post your layouts!

And as if a night eating out with a friend and then a day of scrapping aren't enough to make me jealous, you have to throw in the Dyson! Green with envy here! Are they really as totally cool as they look?

Anonymous said...

Let us know if ya try anything from the cookbook. I'm really lucky, both of my girls are such good eaters. They've always loved veggies and will try anything new that I make. :o)

Beanie said...

Italian food, OMG YUMMY! semms like so much fun