Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Slow and mellow day

I am finally caught up on my rest. I actually went to sleep around 10:30 last night which is a record for me and I feel a lot better today. Although it could be the passionfruit bagel with cream cheese and iced green tea doing something to make me a little more perky, too!

Nothing new...just chilling and waiting for zoo camp to be over for the day. Yesterday was bird day and today is mammal day and Bryn is just soaking up the info. Although most of the zoo camp reports I get from her revolve around playing on the playground and snacks which are, of course, the most important parts of zoo camp!

Aaron has his interview today at UMKC (a job that wouldn't be great for the long-term but would provide insurance and salary which is a nice thing!) and I have my appointment to check out my freaky cells found on my Pap. Hoepfully both will go well and we'll be able to move forward on all fronts!

I am getting excited about our visit to Chicago in a few weeks and have been checking out things to do. On the agenda is a trip to the American Girl Store - Bryn is excited about that. Unfortunately after I told her all about the little theater show there (which I figured I could talk my step-mother into taking her to) and she got all excited, I read today that kids under 6 aren't allowed in. So now the conundrum of telling her "never mind, you can't go" or lying about her age. Great. I guess that will teach me to read the fine print first. It is kind of surprising to me that there are age restrictions - they don't seem bashful about raking in the dollars with their other products!


Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

I had a hard time reading the rest of your post after that "bagel with cream cheese and green tea" comment :)

So glad you got caught up on sleep and she's having so much fun at zoo camp. That's what summer is all about, isn't it?!

Hope all goes well at the interview and at your dr appointment. Be sure to let us know :)

Take care!

Debi said...

Best of luck on both fronts! Any idea how long it will take to get results from your biopsy?
And what's the job Aaron's interviewing for? A one-year appointment type of thing? How far is it for you to drive to KC?
And how did the shoe shopping go? Any luck?
You know...I'd probably have to agree with Bryn about the importance of snacks and playground time! LOL

Debi said...

By the way, are you all doing a whole family reunion type thing at your grandparents?

Carrie! :o) said...

Wow, an age limit. That's a little stupid, if ya ask me. I would opt for saying she was 6, LOL. I know it's not the best answer but, sheesh, you can't have her heartbroken, LOL!!