Thursday, June 21, 2007

A moment to rest

Even if my moment happens to be coming at 1:20 am, I am still glad to have it! It was one of those crazy, busy days when you know you have worked hard and have no idea what you have done!

Another free movie this morning at the theater - "Over the Hedge", which we have seen a bunch but still love! And then a quick trip to Walmart for essentials (paper towels, shampoo, sunscreen) followed by an afternoon at Stephanie's for Ally's second birthday. The girls (and Mason - poor little solo guy!) had a great time running through the sprinkler and playing in the sand while I got to catch up with Tiffani, Monica and Stephanie. Can't beat a little jabbering with girlfriends! After a fabulous dinner of Sloppy Joes - ha! (Aaron and I remembered why we don't eat them often as we both find them a little too sweet) we did more garage sale organizing. All of the boxes are finally in the garage and some of it is priced, so we're making progress. Every time I have a sale and make like $4 I wonder why I do all of this work! Maybe this one will be better - hope springs eternal! After I finished making up some meals for a friend of mine who just had a baby (nothing like waiting until the last minute since I am scheduled to have them there tomorrow!) and checking in with my online class and putting out some little fires there, I am settling in to take a moment to rest. Therefore, I am signing off to make my cup of tea and sit a minute before bed!


Debi said...

Whoa, girl...I hope you at least got to sleep in this morning! Yesterday was sort of my "down day" for the week. No running to do (except getting Max to preschool). Even soccer was canceled. Without the running around, I managed to finish up Annie's school year, finish the "big report", make treats for Gray's school, dig out several boxes of baby stuff from the garage to take to our family reunion for my cousin, make taco salad for dinner (yum!), and even work a little on the massive document I have to send in "for approval" of next year's homeschooling.
Hope you have a much more relaxing day today! About ready for the sale yet? Can't say I envy you on that one!

Irritable Mother said...

OK, I just got up and showered and ate breakfast, and after reading about your day - I'm ready to go back to bed. Yikes!!!
I had to laugh at your comment about raking in a whole $4 for all your hard work. Been there! But, for $4 you could hide away in the corner of a coffee shop and enjoy a special treat.
Have a great weekend.

Jennifer said...

Sometimes those late night/early morning moments are the best. I love how nice and quiet it is then - and no disruptions! Of course, I really need to start making myself get in bed before 4 am!!!
I hope the yard sale is profitible for you. Nothing worse than working your backside off for not much return. I hope you're blessed beyond measure and everything gets sold!

Corrie said...

Hope you had a nice moment of silence before bed...isn't it funny that all too often the first chance we actually get to sit down and relax is at bedtime and we are almost too pooped to enjoy it! I hope you enjoyed Devil Wears Prada. I loved that movie! Happy Garage Sale-ing! I know what you mean about all the work to earn a little money. At least it is a way to get really organized and spend a day outside!

Carrie! :o) said...

Sloppy Joe's ~ I only make them a few times a year. I'll get a taste for them and when I have them they *hit the spot* ~ I don't make mine too sweet, though. :o)