Thursday, June 7, 2007

Tagged by Debi - Seven things I love about me

Debi tagged me with this one and after giving it some thought, I decided it was only fair that I participate since I didn't respond to her book meme and that I do it very quickly so I don't chicken out - it is hard to figure out things I love about me!

Seven Things I Love About Me!

1. I see the bright side of things.
O.K., not always, but I really do believe that there is good somewhere in every situation and every circumstance.

2. I do not let fear control my life.
I very rarely back down from anything (including cross country car trips with a 4 year old!) out of fear. Life is short and I try to remember that each moment is the only guaranteed one I have.

3. I try new things.
From food to vacation spots to hobbies (proven by my piles of gardening books, half finished cross-stitches and barely started blankets) I am almost always willing to try it out!

4. I tell (and show) my daughter I love her everyday.
I am definitely not perfect on this one, but not a day goes by that I do not let my daughter know she is loved and a precious gift to me.

5. I can pick a great husband.
Proof - Aaron!

6. I am a good friend.
I have had many of my friends for many, many years and although I have my moments, I really do try to be supportive and loyal. And I get extra points on this one for doing this list for Debi ;)

7. I am responsible.
O.K. I am reaching here, but I do pay my bills on time and wash the clothes before we run out of clean underwear!

Whew! That was tough! I don't have anyone to tag since I think Debi already tagged most of the other bloggers I know, but if you read this and have not been tagged, consider yourself tagged now!


Debi said...

Yeah! Agree, agree, agree, agree, agree, agree, agree! Yep, all true! And might I add a few? Related to 2 and 3, but still a little are so independent. I so admire that! O.K.--I so envy it, too! And also related to one you are such an awesome mom! No exaggeration on my part. And not only can you pick a winner of a're also a fabulous wife. You and Aaron together are just the greatest. Plus you didn't mention at're so smart. Both brainy type smart and people type smart...and that's a rare combination. And you've got to be one of the most civic-minded people out there...another thing I totally admire about you! And saying you're a good friend...well, girl, that's an understatement!
So glad you played! Aren't you glad you did, too? Felt kinda good, didn't it?

Debi said...

I forgot to mention last night that you're also a really good cook! Which is an added bonus for any of your friends who are like me and love to eat. lol

Carrie! :o) said...

LOL, so glad you did this. Loved reading your answers! I think Debi just might be your biggest fan, LOL. Shoot, she basically did the meme for you in your comments section. Gotta love her!!! :o)

Jennifer said...

I enjoyed reading your answers. I have to say - shame on me! Debi tagged me for this, and I haven't gotten around to it or 2 other tags from other people! I don't know why I have a hard time with these - guess I need to do them soon!
I need a Debi cheerleader in my background!