Thursday, June 14, 2007

Messages from another world?

I went to the doctor yesterday to ask if there is anything else that can possibly be done for the ringing/buzzing/beeping that has been happening in my left ear on and off for about 6 months now. Since the answer to that question was no, I have decided that maybe I should just start listening harder. You see, the buzzing often resembles Morse code like patterns and I am thinking I am possibly receiving some really important info from an unknown species. I'll let y'all know if I hear anything interesting - ha!ha!

I spent the morning sorting through closets, drawers and the storage room for garage sale stuff. I just can't figure out how we accumulate so much stuff and what possessed me to keep it in the first place. Why on earth do I have to shove the scratched up skillet in a box even though I have replaced it with another cheap unscratched one? Do I really think I am going to finish the latch hook I started when I was 8 years old and have been toting around for 25 years? And the skinny jeans? As if I won't want to go buy a new pair if I am ever in that size again!

We finally had to bite the bullet and order a new desktop computer - ours in on the verge of explosion and I just don't want it to completely give up before we replace it. It seems silly to even have one since Aaron and I both have a laptop, but I figured we had to have a central location for the Quicken to balance the checkbook. Plus, as my step mother pointed out, where would Bryn play computer games if we didn't have the desktop?

Off to fill more boxes for the garage sale - maybe I ought to clean out the garage at some point so I have a place to put them all!


Corrie said...

I hope your ringing stops and I do hope that it isn't something serious. That said, I am cracking up at your comparison to morse code from another species. SO funny.

Debi said...

I think the voices are saying, "You should really go visit Rich and Debi. You should really go visit Rich and Debi. You should really go visit Rich and Debi." Listen closer...I'm sure you'll hear it!
But seriously, I hope it clears up, and soon! That has got to be mighty annoying!
Garage sale time again, huh? Hope you pull in a big pile of cash. You can put it towards your new computer, huh? Though going out and buying more crap you don't really need would be a lot more fun!

~**Dawn**~ said...

You know what really weeds out the junk? Moving six times in thirteen months. =P You get sick of packing it up & toting it around.

Anonymous said...

I agree! We have 2 laptops (which I hate) and a desktop (which I claim as mine), LOL. We all are computer junkies around here and it was important for the girls to have one so I wouldn't have to give up mine, LOL!!

Latch Hooking ~ Oh boy! I used to do that all the time as a younger kid! My girls have even done a few.

The Yankee Vanilla Bean and Nutmeg candle is from there *Celebrate Home* collection. It's really hard to find but I got it at Hallmark. :o)

Anonymous said...

Oh ... as for the ringing in your ears. My husband has had this for years. His is from his line of work, though ~ they told him there's nothing that can be done for it and he's now starting to have hearing loss in that ear. I sure hope yours doesn't become that serious! Y'all are too young to be going deaf, LOL. :o)