Friday, June 29, 2007

Last day to play

It is the last day of Zoo Camp and therefore my last day to hang out with coffee and my laptop for 4 hours at a time! There is a program to day at the end of camp that Aaron and I will go to and then hopefully we can enjoy an afternoon at the zoo and park. We'll see how that is overcast and rainy at this point, so that plan may not pan out.

We are still waiting to hear about the UMKC job - hopefully we'll know by the end of the day. I try really hard not to live my life waiting for the next step and "what-iffing" or "when _____ happens, then _____ will be fine", but I must admit I am ready to move on to the next phase and be settled somewhere. I am tired of renting and sighing every time I put a hole in the wall knowing I'll have to fill it in if I even want a hope of getting the deposit back!

We have a busy weekend ahead. I am cropping tonight, we have t-ball tomorrow morning, a BBQ to go to tomorrow night, soup kitchen Sunday am and we're going to dinner at some friends' house Sunday night. I suppose I am getting out of a lot of cooking, though!

We have reservations for brunch at the American Girl store...Bryn dealt well with the news about not going to the show. I should have known that she wouldn't really care in the end - the Science and Industry Museum, Natural History Museum and/or aquarium are appealing enough alternatives evidently!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Good news on all fronts

Things are looking up on both the health and job fronts.

My appointment today went fine - I should have the biopsy results in a week or two and my doctor didn't see anything she was majorly concerned about.

Aaron's interview went far better than he expected and he thinks there is a real possibility that the job would be one he would happily take and keep for a while. The salary is decent, the teaching load is very light, there is money for research and the benefits are good. So the job he was less than excited about may be the one that would allow us to stay here (which would be good as I actually have some friends here and like the community) and finally settle in a buy a house - dare I dream? I am not going to get too hyped up until there is an offer and aaron has a day or two to think about it, but it is nice to finally have something that looks promising after a long run of disappointments.

Debi asked what we were going to spend our garage sale money on...I think we are going to go into Kansas City and have a night on the town for our anniversary. It should probably just go toward our new computer, but I think we may go crazy and actually have some fun with it instead!

Slow and mellow day

I am finally caught up on my rest. I actually went to sleep around 10:30 last night which is a record for me and I feel a lot better today. Although it could be the passionfruit bagel with cream cheese and iced green tea doing something to make me a little more perky, too!

Nothing new...just chilling and waiting for zoo camp to be over for the day. Yesterday was bird day and today is mammal day and Bryn is just soaking up the info. Although most of the zoo camp reports I get from her revolve around playing on the playground and snacks which are, of course, the most important parts of zoo camp!

Aaron has his interview today at UMKC (a job that wouldn't be great for the long-term but would provide insurance and salary which is a nice thing!) and I have my appointment to check out my freaky cells found on my Pap. Hoepfully both will go well and we'll be able to move forward on all fronts!

I am getting excited about our visit to Chicago in a few weeks and have been checking out things to do. On the agenda is a trip to the American Girl Store - Bryn is excited about that. Unfortunately after I told her all about the little theater show there (which I figured I could talk my step-mother into taking her to) and she got all excited, I read today that kids under 6 aren't allowed in. So now the conundrum of telling her "never mind, you can't go" or lying about her age. Great. I guess that will teach me to read the fine print first. It is kind of surprising to me that there are age restrictions - they don't seem bashful about raking in the dollars with their other products!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tragedy averted

I obviously took the cleaning out the house thing a little too far...I realized late last night that I hadn't seen my teaching paycheck after I initially opened it. Uh oh! After searching high and low and digging through the old trash (I had to stop when I encountered the writhing maggots and stinking, rotting food) I came up empty handed. Aaron was less than convinced that they would cut me a new check, but I felt sure they must have a procedure in place for scatterbrains like me. Fortunately, they are stopping payment on the old check and hopefully cutting me a new one as I type this. WHEW! I must admit I do feel a bit guilty about creating all of that extra work for someone, but not gulity enough to forego my paycheck!

I remembered my computer today, so while Bryn is ensconced at zoo camp I am enjoying a decaf caramel latte (sans whipped cream and with skim milk as a nod to my so-called diet), catching up on my teaching and doing some blog reading. Ahhhhhhh! The project for tomorrow is trying to find a pair of shoes for the bridesmaid dress I will have to stuff myself into...the fun never ends.

Monday, June 25, 2007

We all survived!

The garage sale is OVER - hooray! And even better, most of the stuff ended up being sold and the rest is going with the church mission group as the reservation they are going to is trying to open a thrift shop! We had a crazy last hour and a half in which we sold well over half of the stuff I was lamenting about at the time of my last blog! Bryn made $43 and is thrilled! The only furniture we didn't sell was the couch and chair (the only decent furniture we had - go figure), but I am going to try Craig's list (thanks for the suggestion Dawn!), so hopefully it will go, too. I am VERY glad it is over.

The retirement festivities were fun and Jim is excited to be officially retired. A lot of his and Sherry's old friends and/or parishoners came in and a lot of family was there. I suspect we will be seeing more of them now that they have more free time on their hands.

Bryn started zoo camp today and had a load of fun. It was evidently bug day and they learned all about bugs, held and caught some and did bug crafts. She didn't like waking up early to make the 45 minute drive to the zoo, but she thought it was worth it in the end. I forgot my laptop (I had planned a nice relaxing morning drinking a decaf latte and catching up from the weekend) and had to find a way to spend 4 hours hanging out without spending all of my garage sale proceeds! I succeeded in the end, but will not forget my laptop for the rest of the week!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Why do I do this?

An update from the garge sale trenches...

Every time I have a garage sale I wonder what could have possibly possessed me to think it was a good idea! I have about 2 hours left to go and still have WAY too much stuff here! Like the dresser and nightstands and couch and chair that were the whole impetus for the sale in the first place! Oh well, some of the stuff is gone and Bryn has made $15 so she is thinking this was the best idea ever!

We are headed over to the in-laws this afternoon to begin retirement festivities. Aaron's dad is retiring from the ministry after a whole lot of years (I have no idea exactly how many!) and the church is having the party tomorrow. He is super excited about retirement and has been grinning form ear to ear about it for the past month or so! He loves what he does, but has been worn out by this last appointment. Unfortunately not even churches are immune to politics and squabbles and Jim will be glad to not have to mediate anymore.

I suppose I better get back to the hard sell and get rid of all my stuff...anyone in the market for some furniture?

Thursday, June 21, 2007

A new food...

Bryn and I went to a local country market this morning to pick our own peas. We didn't get very many as they had just picked the sugar snap peas early this morning, but we still had fun searching for them. And Bryn actually ate some! I don't know if that will translate into eating other peas, but at least it's a start.

The rest of the day was pretty mellow - Bible Study this morning, ran a meal over to the Geiger's for dinner (the new baby is precious!) and we got the couch and the treadmill moved with Jake's help this evening. Tomorrow I'll have to hit the pricing and organizing thing full force, but for now the garage sale is put to rest for the evening.

After my late night last night I am headed to bed early tonight. We'll have another busy weekend with the sale and heading out of town so I figure I better rest up!

A moment to rest

Even if my moment happens to be coming at 1:20 am, I am still glad to have it! It was one of those crazy, busy days when you know you have worked hard and have no idea what you have done!

Another free movie this morning at the theater - "Over the Hedge", which we have seen a bunch but still love! And then a quick trip to Walmart for essentials (paper towels, shampoo, sunscreen) followed by an afternoon at Stephanie's for Ally's second birthday. The girls (and Mason - poor little solo guy!) had a great time running through the sprinkler and playing in the sand while I got to catch up with Tiffani, Monica and Stephanie. Can't beat a little jabbering with girlfriends! After a fabulous dinner of Sloppy Joes - ha! (Aaron and I remembered why we don't eat them often as we both find them a little too sweet) we did more garage sale organizing. All of the boxes are finally in the garage and some of it is priced, so we're making progress. Every time I have a sale and make like $4 I wonder why I do all of this work! Maybe this one will be better - hope springs eternal! After I finished making up some meals for a friend of mine who just had a baby (nothing like waiting until the last minute since I am scheduled to have them there tomorrow!) and checking in with my online class and putting out some little fires there, I am settling in to take a moment to rest. Therefore, I am signing off to make my cup of tea and sit a minute before bed!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Popcorn and a movie

I am just about to settle in with my bowl of popcorn to watch "The Devil Wears Prada" while Aaron busily sets up the new computer. He assures me he is happier watching baseball and playing with our newest technological toy than watching a chick flick!

I have been trying to recruit some muscle to help move the heaviest dresser on earth(seriously, even our movers said it was the heaviest dresser they ever moved)from our bedroom to the garage for the impending garage sale this Friday and Saturday. Even with lots of help, we may never get it out there! The bright side is that with all the hauling of boxes and furniture I have been doing and will do over the next few days I don't have to feel too guilty about not going to the gym to do weights!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Raindrops keep fallin'...

I am waiting to see if raindrops are going to ruin our weekly trip to the wading pool today...I know rain is good, but we have had our fair share around here this spring!

I had a great time scrapbooking and I actually got something accomplished - yeah! I often spend the entire time I am at crops reorganizing my pictures and embellishments and don't get anything done. Of course I suppose even I can't spend an entire 14 hour crop organizing, so I had to get something done! I got some layouts of Bryn's 4th birthday done (nevermind I haven't done her 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 5th birthdays!).

We had a nice Father's Day...just went to church and out to lunch. And I had big plans to fix a nice dinner, but ended up at Sonic instead when it got late and I lost interest in cooking. Maybe next year I'll get my act together!

Friday, June 15, 2007

A girl's night (and day) out!

After a pretty quiet day of vacuuming (which is actually almost fun with my Dyson) and a nap (heavenly) I am going to have dinner out with a girlfriend who is in town. And we are going scrapbooking all day tomorrow! Fun! Of course my scrapbooking stuff is spread out all over my house and I have yet to organize any of it (into my really cute pink rolling tote - my husband says I only scrapbook for the accessories!), but I am hopeful I can pull at least a little of it together before tomorrow morning so I don't spend the entire day shopping the scrapbokking store instead of working!

I picked up a cookbook today called "The Sneaky Chef" by Missy Chase Lapine. If anyone has picky eaters in their house, it has some great tips for sneaking in veggies, beans and whole grains into "normal" foods like burgers, pizza, milkshakes...even cookies. I have tried being sneaky before, but this cookbook appears to take it to a whole new (and supposedly undetectable) level!

O.K. Off to find some pictures and see if I can make a reservation for some Italian food tonight!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Messages from another world?

I went to the doctor yesterday to ask if there is anything else that can possibly be done for the ringing/buzzing/beeping that has been happening in my left ear on and off for about 6 months now. Since the answer to that question was no, I have decided that maybe I should just start listening harder. You see, the buzzing often resembles Morse code like patterns and I am thinking I am possibly receiving some really important info from an unknown species. I'll let y'all know if I hear anything interesting - ha!ha!

I spent the morning sorting through closets, drawers and the storage room for garage sale stuff. I just can't figure out how we accumulate so much stuff and what possessed me to keep it in the first place. Why on earth do I have to shove the scratched up skillet in a box even though I have replaced it with another cheap unscratched one? Do I really think I am going to finish the latch hook I started when I was 8 years old and have been toting around for 25 years? And the skinny jeans? As if I won't want to go buy a new pair if I am ever in that size again!

We finally had to bite the bullet and order a new desktop computer - ours in on the verge of explosion and I just don't want it to completely give up before we replace it. It seems silly to even have one since Aaron and I both have a laptop, but I figured we had to have a central location for the Quicken to balance the checkbook. Plus, as my step mother pointed out, where would Bryn play computer games if we didn't have the desktop?

Off to fill more boxes for the garage sale - maybe I ought to clean out the garage at some point so I have a place to put them all!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Dates and aggravation

Not at the same time, though! I definitely was not aggravated on our date - we had a nice dinner out at Granite City and then saw Pirates 3. Every time Aaron and I go out on a date I wonder why we don't do it more often. Then I remember - time and money! It seems I could always use a little more of both!

Bryn and I went to another free movie (Flushed Away), had a picnic lunch and ice cream and went to Target for Father's Day cards (which are obviously going to be late - I always have big plans to do something really creative and end up buying cards at the last minute). All in all, a fun day that didn't get my blood pressure up (unlike yesterday when I had it checked after sitting in the doctors office for a REALLY LONG TIME - but that's another day's rant!).

So onto the aggravation - why, oh why, can't my students just turn their work in on time and do it well? I spend lots of time offering feedback and constructive criticism only to have that feedback ignored on the next assignment. I mean, these people are grown adults and it seems that oftentimes my 5 year old has better listening skills. Now I was not the most stellar student to ever come down the pike, but I really feel like adults should be able to evaluate if they have the time and/or energy to spend the on a college course. And if they don't, stop torturing everyone involved by moaning and complaining and not doing the work! Aaaaaargh! BTW, this a rant I get into multiple times each semester - those of you who have heard it a million times before, just ignore me!

Monday, June 11, 2007

An ordinary day

We had a nice ordinary day today. Bryn and I went to the pool (the best part is that it is a zero depth kiddie pool with lifeguards, so I don't have to swim!) and to the grocery store to pick up a few things for the week (Taco Salad tonight, Tortellini w/marinara on Wednesday, Taco Chicken Packets Thursday). Unlike some of you other organized blogging ladies, I usually only plan a few days out! I know I don't have to cook tomorrow night since Aaron and I are having a date night - Bryn is spending the night with a friend, so we get a night out without having to pay a babysitter! Hooray!

Aaron is due home in about an will be good to have him home!

Sunday, June 10, 2007


What a superstar! Three and a half hours of recital is a lot to endure when your kid dances for only about 4 minutes of that, but I still think Bryn's a superstar! She looked pretty cute in her costume and it was fun to see all of those 4 and 5 year olds try to remember their dance steps and to smile at the same time! I must admit that I am kind of hoping Bryn decides to take up another extra-curricular next year as the craziness of the whole day took its toll on me (people evidently started lining up outside the auditorium at 3:30 for the 6 pm recital)! Grandma and Grandpa got to come and Bryn and I headed to IHOP for a celebration pancake after it was all over.

The library run went well yesterday morning (except for waking Bryn up at 5:45 am and dragging her with me to help me set up!) - we had about 175 runners which is far more than we have had in the past. Lots of money to put in the account to buy books, CDs or whatever!

We had a vacation Bible school planning meeting at church this morning...there is not currently actually anyone in charge, so the meeting was a bit stressful for me as I like lots of organization and a firm plan when it comes to things like this! I am trying to just stay mellow and focus on my area (crafts) and let the rest work itself out. We'll see!

I am ready for Aaron to come home tomorrow - it gets kind of lonely around here without him!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Zoo fun

Stephanie, Monica, the kids and I all spent the day at the zoo today. It was alot of fun and makes me very glad we are most likely sticking around for another year so I can hang out with my buddies for a while longer. I feel so fortunate to have met some good friends here - it really does make life a lot more fun!

Bryn and I are headed to bed early tonight - we have a big day tomorrow with the library run in the morning, dance recital dress rehearsal tomorrow afternoon and recital tomorrow night. Aaron is so bummed he is missing all the fun - ha!ha!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Yes, I know my cat is fat

I took both cats to the vet today and the vet and tech both pointed out repeatedly how large Harvey is and how he needs to go on a diet.

Now I am aware that 19.2 pounds is a big cat, but I would like to point out that Clarissa only weighs 8.6 pounds and she eats the same amount of food the same number of times a day that Harvey does. And she sleeps more! I am thinking this is a perfect example of genetics affecting weight and how some people (um, I mean cats)are (unfairly!) blessed with skinny genes!

I am looking forward to many sleepless nights and long days filled with pathetic pleas from Harvey to stop starving him when we cut back his food ration. We have tried this before and the only thing that got smaller was the amount of patience I had with a 20 pound cat pawing my head in the morning to get me up to feed him. We'll see...I guess at least I can have a diet partner around our house since neither Aaron nor Bryn is a candidate in that area!

And, yes, he is obviously one of those males that is not afraid to let it all hang out!

Tagged by Debi - Seven things I love about me

Debi tagged me with this one and after giving it some thought, I decided it was only fair that I participate since I didn't respond to her book meme and that I do it very quickly so I don't chicken out - it is hard to figure out things I love about me!

Seven Things I Love About Me!

1. I see the bright side of things.
O.K., not always, but I really do believe that there is good somewhere in every situation and every circumstance.

2. I do not let fear control my life.
I very rarely back down from anything (including cross country car trips with a 4 year old!) out of fear. Life is short and I try to remember that each moment is the only guaranteed one I have.

3. I try new things.
From food to vacation spots to hobbies (proven by my piles of gardening books, half finished cross-stitches and barely started blankets) I am almost always willing to try it out!

4. I tell (and show) my daughter I love her everyday.
I am definitely not perfect on this one, but not a day goes by that I do not let my daughter know she is loved and a precious gift to me.

5. I can pick a great husband.
Proof - Aaron!

6. I am a good friend.
I have had many of my friends for many, many years and although I have my moments, I really do try to be supportive and loyal. And I get extra points on this one for doing this list for Debi ;)

7. I am responsible.
O.K. I am reaching here, but I do pay my bills on time and wash the clothes before we run out of clean underwear!

Whew! That was tough! I don't have anyone to tag since I think Debi already tagged most of the other bloggers I know, but if you read this and have not been tagged, consider yourself tagged now!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Fun at the FREE movie...

Bryn and I went to see "Barnyard" this morning with Stephanie and the girls - one of the local theaters does FREE movies every Tuesday and Wednesday morning during the summer. It was great! I think we'll have a standing weekly date for that one!

Aaron made it to Albuquerque for his meeting after having to run to his connecting flight in Dallas. His golf clubs and suitcase didn't make it there with him, though. The airline said they would reimburse him for club rental - I am not holding my breath for that one!

The photo editing program is the Creative Memories Memory Manager and it is pretty easy to use. It takes some getting used to as far as removing stuff from the photos, but it can obviously be done since I can do it! I also really like that it lets you journal a little with each picture you save because I am not good at journaling in my albums. And it's pretty cheap...$40 I think.

My Doc's office called and cancelled my appointment today, so my rogue cells with have to wait another couple of weeks. For whatever reason, I am not freaking out about it, so I am just going with that flow rather than trying to figure out why I am not worried!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Debi, these are for you...

I still need some work on this picture posting can I move them once I have uploaded them into my post? Or are they just stuck in that spot forever?
The point of these is to show Debi the editor on the picture software I use...isn't it cool how you can just get rid of background people? So very useful for exes or other unlikeable people, don't you think?

Finally, an uneventful day!

A picture - finally! I'll get the hang of it sooner or later!
So today was actually pretty uneventful - hooray! Bryn and her friend had a great slumber party and the adults came though it with no major traumas!

I went to a scrapbooking thing tonight - just a quick album class. I came home with an album all ready to slap some pictures in. I love taking time to really embellish pages, but it is so nice to just do a quick project every now and then.

Aaron leaves for the American Society of Mammalogists meeting tomorrow, so Bryn and I will be holding down the fort for the next few days.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Seriously, enough already!

When it rains, it pours, doesn't it?

So something is wrong with the online system and classes didn't open at 2 pm today like they were supposed to. Of course, I don't much care, but I am sure my students will be put out that they have a few fewer hours before their first assignment is due which will inevitably lead to a barrage of emails about how I need to adjust the whole calendar. And just b/c I don't plan to do that doesn't mean they will stop complaining...sigh.

A nice trip to the pool today turned into a less than pleasant experience due to a bad "break up' with a former friend whose sister is in town and decided she needed to make some comments. It's a long story, but the gist of it is that sometimes it is just better for people to go their separate ways when they don't bring out the best in each other. And even when you think it all over, sometimes the can of worms just gets opened whether you open it yourself or not.

Additionally, I got a call from my OB/GYN's office and my Pap smear came back abnormal for the second year in a row, so they now want to do some additional tests and a biopsy. I guess I'll just assume everything will be fine until I hear otherwise. I am likely to go a little crazy if I start thinking about the worst case scenario.

On the bright side, Bryn is having a preschool friend spend the night and they are happily entertaining each other as I write. We have a big night planned - nail painting, ice cream eating, movie watching. Who could ask for more?

Sunday, June 3, 2007


Well, we all made it through the weekend in one piece, more or less. I have some mommy guilt going on - Bryn has a sunburn because I forgot to put sunscreen on her before her dance performance. Too late now, I suppose, but I keep hearing the statistics on how one bad sunburn during childhood increases your risk of getting skin cancer by a billion percent!

T-ball was pretty funny. There's nothing like a bunch of 3,4 and 5 year olds trying to hit and catch - especially with the distraction of a whole bunch of little frogs hanging out nearby in the mud just begging to be caught!

Aaron's grandmother is doing well after her hip surgery and we had a nice visit. She should be moving to inpatient rehab tomorrow and then will be able to head back home.

Memaw is also doing well - she will start chemo and radiation in a couple of weeks. It sounds like there is still quite a battle ahead for her, but that she is keeping a positive attitude.

We served 155 meatball subs this morning at Bridges of Hope and the meal was well received. I am always relieved when it is done and my responsibility is finished (at least for a few weeks!) without any major disasters occurring. I am not sure exactly what a soup kitchen disaster might be, but I know I don't want to find out.

Another busy week ahead...I have a long to do list. Among the things on that list are to figure out how to post some pics on my blog now that I have mastered the writing part!

Friday, June 1, 2007

Operation Wildlife Rescue

So last nights adventure was the rescue (well, relocation) of a big old snapping turtle. It was in the middle of the main drag of the neighborhood where it had been left by a fireman who pried him off a car (who knows, I just report what I hear from the local 9 year olds). The old guy was covered in mud and had what appeared to be an old wound from a run-in with a car where part of his shell had caved in. Aaron thoroughly impressed the neighborhood youth by not only touching a snapping turtle, but getting him into a box so we could move him to a safer spot near the water. Anyway, we moved him and he seems to have headed out to wetter quarters. You never know what excitement can occur on a Thursday night!

The other adventure of the day (besides actually committing to a size to order the bridesmaid dress in) was a trip to Sam's Club to buy supplies for the soup kitchen meal I am in charge of serving this Sunday. 5 bags of salad, 48 pounds of meatballs, 9 dozen sub rolls, 5 jugs of spaghetti sauce, 3 monster bags of shredded mozzarella, 5 cans of fruit cocktail, 6 gallons of milk and a bunch of desserts later I think I am good to go! Needless to say, I was quite the sight trying to push two of those huge carts through the parking lot (not to mention trying to stuff it all in the not-so-large fridge at the church).

The next couple of days will be nonstop running, I'm afraid. With T-ball at 9:30, dance recital type thing at the local Dairy Days at 11:30, a 3 hour round trip visit Grandmother and her new hip tomorrow afternoon, Bridges of Hope from 9 to 2 pm on Sunday and final touches needed on my online classes before noon Monday, I am thinking it would be wise for me to head to bed for a little pre-rest now! I do have to admit I prefer to be busy and running around, but I might have gone a little overboard this time. At least it keeps me out of trouble - mostly!