Monday, June 25, 2007

We all survived!

The garage sale is OVER - hooray! And even better, most of the stuff ended up being sold and the rest is going with the church mission group as the reservation they are going to is trying to open a thrift shop! We had a crazy last hour and a half in which we sold well over half of the stuff I was lamenting about at the time of my last blog! Bryn made $43 and is thrilled! The only furniture we didn't sell was the couch and chair (the only decent furniture we had - go figure), but I am going to try Craig's list (thanks for the suggestion Dawn!), so hopefully it will go, too. I am VERY glad it is over.

The retirement festivities were fun and Jim is excited to be officially retired. A lot of his and Sherry's old friends and/or parishoners came in and a lot of family was there. I suspect we will be seeing more of them now that they have more free time on their hands.

Bryn started zoo camp today and had a load of fun. It was evidently bug day and they learned all about bugs, held and caught some and did bug crafts. She didn't like waking up early to make the 45 minute drive to the zoo, but she thought it was worth it in the end. I forgot my laptop (I had planned a nice relaxing morning drinking a decaf latte and catching up from the weekend) and had to find a way to spend 4 hours hanging out without spending all of my garage sale proceeds! I succeeded in the end, but will not forget my laptop for the rest of the week!


Jennifer said...

Yay! Glad your sale was successful! And I bet you're very glad it's behind you now!

Zoo camp - how cool! Remember your laptop and enjoy your quiet time!

Irritable Mother said...

Isn't it crazy that we always feel like we have to be "doing" something? I think four hours with nothing to do would send me over the top!
Last week I found myself with thirty minutes "to kill" and at first was trying to figure out if I could do something productive in that time. Then I realized it was a gift from God and I spent the time praying and simply enjoying His presence.
I wish *enjoying Him* wasn't my second thought.
Hope you enjoy your quiet time while Bryn is at camp!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh fun! Zoo Camp! Can I come?! LOL!! Glad she had such a good time!!

That lil' Bryn ... making $43! She did good!!! :o)

Glad the sale is over and you got rid of all the junk you didn't want, LOL!

Debi said...

Oh, that's great news! You must have been so happy to not have to deal with that dresser again! And wow...what's Bryn got planned for her $43? And how come you didn't share what you'd done with your share of the profits?!!

Zoo cool! And right up Bryn's alley, huh?

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Yeah, I'm glad it all went so well! I love that "cleaned out" feeling, and having a little extra cash is a nice feeling too :)

I've never heard of zoo camp, but that sounds pretty cool! I bet she is having a blast. Don't forget your laptop, so you can have some fun too, hehehe :)

Have a great day!

~**Dawn**~ said...

You're welcome. I hope that suggestion works!