Sunday, November 11, 2007


Elmer made it through the night without an accident! So sad that I am so very excited about a dog and its bodily functions, but I am almost giddy! I have been trying to feed him in the kennel to restore the "don't poop where you eat" instinct that he had obviously lost during his days in the pet store. I crated him last night and it seems to have worked! I am not at all convinced this is the end of our housebreaking struggle, but at least it is progress!

Our house is overrun by ladybugs. They are absolutely everywhere this year and I have probably vacuumed up a hundred of the buggers. I always thought they were pretty cool until they came into my house. I love bugs, but they are not allowed to hang out inside (unless I am purposefully raising them).

Bryn went to a little program on poop yesterday at the zoo and I had 2 hours to hang out in Topeka and do some Christmas shopping. I still have a lot left to go, but I feel better to have knocked out most of the kids shopping I have to do. Of course, kids are pretty easy to buy for so I still have the hard people left to go!

I am feeling behind with the house. There are papers piled everywhere and I still haven't gotten the Halloween decorations put away. I guess the motivator will be the fact that I have people coming over Thursday night for a Party Lite candle party - that will at least make me move the piles out of sight!


Jennifer said...

Nothing like company coming to get the ol' motivation to clean going - works for me every time! LOL!
Congrats on the no-mess night! Hopefully the worst is behind you and it'll be smooth sailing to a house broken pet soon!

Corrie said...

We had a real time housebreaking our dog when she was a puppy, too. I am glad it's over, and I'm not sure if I'll ever adopt a puppy again...ha ha ha. Glad you guys had a good night! Hooray!

~**Dawn**~ said...

That's definitely a step in the right direction!! Go Elmer go! (outside that is! LOL)