Sunday, November 4, 2007

All is quiet here

We have had a nice weekend. It has been relatively relaxing if you discount the endless trips to the backyard and constant vigilance required to keep a puppy form making hash out of a house...

Bryn had her fall party at school on Friday. There was a near tragedy when the other mom bringing cupcakes left them on the roof of her van and drove away. Fortunately, she salvaged 4 and I had 18 so we had 2 to spare! Fun times!

I bought a couple of new shirts yesterday to help get me through the colder weather and another shirt to have to wear in Hawaii over Christmas. I am hoping I get to wear my fabulous warm weather maternity wear - as long as baby and I can stay healthy we're good to go!

I went to bookclub last night - we read Graham Greene's "The Quiet American". Not my favorite book, but it was interesting. We had good food - always a highlight of any gathering, in my opinion.


Susan said...

Oh my, the cupcake incident sounds like something I'd do. Glad you had "back up".

:-) susan

Susan said...

Thanks for stopping by today!! Here's the "recipe" for the Parfait Baskets:

I use a large foil roasting pan and buy several different sizes of ziploc containers. I lined the pan with tissue for color.

In the largest ziploc container, I put a large carton of vanilla or strawberry yogurt. I use five smaller containers of varying sizes which include the following: mixed berries, peaches, strawberries, blueberries, and one with granola. I also include several clear plastic cups in the basket for creating the parfait.

People really enjoyed being able to make their own treats.

:-) Susan

Debi said...

"Always a highlight of any gathering" it any wonder I love you so?!!

Glad you had a fairly relaxing weekend! You don't get many of those, do you?

Carrie! :o) said...

Trying to catch up! So glad you're weekend was good and that you'll be able to travel. Lucky Duck!!!

Debi said...

Hi again. You know, we actually do have dental, but they don't cover anything stupid is that?!! So that almost $500 is out of our pockets.

Oh, I hope Annie's challenge does become the beginning of an obsession for's more fun to wallow with a friend, you know!