Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Decorating and picture distress

Another crazy, busy day...

Haircut this morning (it had been 4 MONTHS)- who knows why I wait so long...Oh wait, I know - because it costs a FORTUNE!

Wild Oats for some groceries...I actually have a couple of meals planned for the week. Aaron will tell you that is something that hasn't happened around here in quite a while!

Playdate after school at Maddie's house. All 3 girls escaped unscathed, so a success I'd say!

Decorating the library (for Friends of the Library) for Christmas tonight...just reminded me that all of my decorations are still in boxes and there are only a few short days before I have to have Bryn's new drawer advent calendar filled with goodies and activities (I come up with one activity for each day - go driving to look at Christmas lights, watch a Christmas movie, do a Christmas craft, etc.).

Distress over Bryn's school pictures...we got the right package, but the wrong pose. Thanks for sending the one that looks like she has just been poked with a cattle prod instead of the one that she looks normal in. I may have to go to Walmart to scan it...you'll see why I am not sure I need an 8x10 of this one!

Good news on another picture front...Some "lost" pictures were found on our external hard drive. I am not sure how they disappeared from the other spots they should have been located in on our computer, but I am glad to have them back. I know I haven't been great about taking pictures this year, but I felt sure I had taken more than 6 between January and June!

BTW, Elmer is making it throught the night without potty breaks! Of course I still wake up every hour worried that he needs to go, so I am still not getting much sleep! But hey, we're making progress!

Off to watch "Biggest Loser" and get ready for another full day tomorrow!


Debi said...

Your description of Bryn's photo cracked me up! I should send you the boys' school pictures from this year. Max's looks like a mugshot--I kid you not, there's no better way to describe it. And Gray's, well, his just defies all description!

But hooray for the found photos! That had to feel really good!

gail@more than a song said...

Always good to find photos you thought were lost, that does probably feel good.
Getting my hair done this week too and it's been almost 2 months for me, way too long!

~**Dawn**~ said...

The frequency with which my hair needs to be cut is the one & only thing I hate about having short hair.