Thursday, November 29, 2007

Do you really have to be rude?

I had one of those moments yesterday while picking Bryn up from school when I just wanted to throttle a fellow human...

I pull into a parking space to wait for the kids to come out. Now I notice the lady next to me has parked practically on the line but I am happily in the middle of my space so I worry no further (and I cannot go elsewhere as there are no more empty spaces). Elmer and I sit and wait until the lady in the car next to me scowls at me and rolls down her window. "How am I supposed to get out of my car?" she demands (totally intimating it is my fault she has 2 1/2 inches to open her door because I am some moronic parking pariah). I tell her I don't know and will try to move over, but she practically parked on the line and I wasn't sure what I could do. Does she look to see where she parked? Does she move her car? No. She waits for me to move, rams her door into mine and goes to get her grandkid. Meanwhile I try to come up with some clever comment, and fail. When she comes back she says "I guess I did park a little close to the line, ha, ha," and proceeds to open her door into mine again.


Makes me want to move to a private island even though I wouldn't have curbside trash pickup.

On a brighter note, we went to see "Peter Pan" last night and although Peter Pan was not a stellar actress, Bryn thought it was great. Which made Aaron and I glad we went.


Jennifer said...

Oh. My. Word! I am appalled at the rudeness of people sometimes. I can't believe she hit your door with hers - I would be livid! Sounds like you handled it much better than I would!
But I won't get started talking about the rudeness of people, or I will be here all night!!
Sorry you had a rude encounter!

Debi said...

Geez...first Dawn and her airline seat mate, and now you and the grandma from hell. What is with these obnoxious people?!! Ever heard of the Christmas spirit people?!! Gotta say, I admire your coolness though...I can only hope I would have kept my cool like you did.

~**Dawn**~ said...

Sounds like this woman was related to the one in the seat next to me on my flight home.