Thursday, May 21, 2009

Summer is here!

Summer has officially started. Today was Bryn's last day of school and I am ready to enjoy some time with both kids at home. I think. Unfortunately Bryn isn't as into napping as Grant is so that could put a real dent in my days!

As for our summer, here are some of our planned activities...

strawberry picking
Camp Invention for Bryn
swimming lessons
vacation Bible school
visit from Grandpa and Nana
garage sale
trip to Boise for Bryn and to Casper for Grammy, Grant and I
trip to the lake with church friends
60 mile walk for me and family reunion for Aaron and the kids

I think we will have plenty to keep us busy!

In other news, I have played in the dirt more in the past few days than I have ever, I think! I have moved bushes and flowers around in the flower beds and have some new stuff ready to be planted. Now we will see if any of it can survive my black thumb!

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Jean said...

Sounds like a fine summer to me!