Monday, May 11, 2009

New Toy

I got a wrist GPS/heart rate monitor for Mother's Day from my very wonderful husband (he let me take a long nap yesterday, too!) and I am so excited! Now I can head out into the wild blue yonder (road) to walk and not have to worry about figuring out all of my mileage on the computer before I go. Not something I would normally get all that excited about but with all the walking lately the same old routes are getting a little dull. Of course I have to figure out how to make the little gadget work first - I am sure there will be lots of cussing and crying before I get to use it tomorrow!

I am also thrilled that I only need $225 more to meet the $2300 requirement to be able to walk in August - I am so lucky to have such wonderful friends and family to donate! Of course that means that I really am going to have to walk 60 whole miles in three days. I am not sure that fact has been completely processed yet!

In other news...not much! I signed up for a meal planning service online that gives you a menu and shopping list (there are a few different options for stores and the menu is actually correlated to the discounts for the week at that store) each week. The really exciting part for me is that it looks like recipes that my family will eat (light on veggies and other strange ingredients!) and it doesn't cost much. Now I know that I shouldn't spend a dime on any recipes since I have at least a hundred cookbooks in my house, but it is hard to pass up the shopping list provided for $5 a month. If I was really savvy I could actually link the site up so I could get a commission if I referred anyone but, alas, I am not that technologically savvy!

Speaking of technology...Aaron and I are taking a class for online teaching and I am finding myself bogged down in a bunch of jargony teacher speak. I am not sure how much my online class structure will improve, but I will definitely be able to write a mean learning objective that is in alignment with the course units!

I am leaving my poor husband home with the kids for the next two nights while I go to Bunco and a Friends of the Library meeting. I keep thinking he is going to run out into the night air screaming one of these days, but for some reason he is still hanging around! Thanks, honey - you're the best!

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Marathon Mom said...

Let me know how the meal planning service turns out. I've heard good things about that. I just feel like I make the same things over and over, even though I have TONS of recipes!