Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Great Dinosaur Debacle

I have created quit a stir with my vocal objections to the dinosaur lesson at Bryn's school...

After spending the weekend stewing over the matter and much angst on my and Aaron's part I went into school Monday morning and spoke to the school administrator. I wanted to know if this was going to come up again this year or next and how the information would be presented. Since we had already decided to send Bryn back to Genesis next year it was difficult for both Aaron and I to go back on our promise to Bryn that she didn't have to switch schools for second grade. Fortunately, there is no more discussion of the earth's age or evolution or anything else until 3rd grade at the earliest so I think we are OK. The administrator also did not realize the extent to which the lesson had gone. Long story short, I received a very apologetic letter from Bryn's teacher - she talked to Bryn one on one about some other biblical interpretations and has made plans to change the lesson for next year and send a note home to parents prior to the dinosaur unit. She also asked if Aaron and I could provide her with some other information she could use in the lesson to present other viewpoints. This all ended up becoming a bigger issue than I expected it to be but am actually pretty pleased and relieved with the outcome. I feel like some positive changes will be made that will allow the students to get a more balanced lesson next year. And to me that is an advantage of being at a small private school - I seriously doubt I ever would have been heard at the public school if I objected to a lesson.

Bryn and I are going to visit second grade classroom at the public school this week and I am really hoping it is a positive experience. I just learned that they have had THREE people attend the PTA meeting the other night at the elementary school...needless to say this doesn't make me feel too good about the level of parental involvement. It feels like switching Bryn to the public school for 3rd grade may just be a frying pan to fire moment. I really need a crystal ball.

On a brighter school note, the teacher Bryn will have next year has already started to put together some supplemental materials for Bryn and a couple of other students to do next year if they need them. And effort is being made on the part of the school to get Bryn into some additional programming to keep her challenged if there indication that she needs it.

I am absolutely exhausted today...my 3 mile walk today seemed like 15 miles and I am relieved I don't have any walking scheduled for tomorrow. Hopefully by Thursday I will be rested and rejuvenated!

Grant is finally getting his top teeth. He does pretty well gumming his food but it will be nice to have a few more chompers in there so I can worry a little less about giving him big hunks of food.

Our new chairs are finally being delivered tomorrow so this weekend we will be able to enjoy movie night in our new reclining theater seats. Hooray!


~**Dawn**~ said...

Good for you, for voicing your concerns & sparking a change!

Irritable Mother said...

I agree with Dawn. Good for you for being involved and speaking up.

Jean said...

I haven't really been following this (in fact, I'm mentioning your blog in mine as one I would like to try to read more often), but this whole issue is very near and dear to my heart (as my cousin Rich can tell you). My father was part of a lawsuit against the state of Tennessee over the teaching of evolution vs. creationism in the schools there. And my husband and I moved our kids from a private Christian school to public school over the same issue. It turned out to be the absolutely right decision for other reasons, but the decision was based on having our kids able to study real science in science class.

Anonymous said...

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