Saturday, March 15, 2008

Moaning and groaning

Just needed to moan and groan a bit - my heartburn is killing me! I have been waiting for the generic version of my medicine to come in to the pharmacy for days and have been trying to use Zantac in the meantime and it just isn't doing the job! Ouch! And it seems when my heartburn flares up, so does my heart. Probably just because I am more aware of strange feelings in my chest. Ah could be worse!

It has been a mellow couple of days. Aaron has been gone watching the Big 12 basketball tournament and Bryn and I have been hanging out playing on the computer and watching TV and reading books and such. I did manage to get the baby room totally cleaned out and arranged. It looks somewhat pathetic with nothing on the walls and no cute baby theme, but I figure he won't much care. I am also trying to convince Bryn we don't need to keep all 4 billion of the stuffed animals she has - needless to say cleaning out her room is not going as smoothly!

My doc appointment yesterday went fine and she said not to worry about the low potassium. I also can quit testing my blood sugars and eat whatever I want as soon as I give birth - I told Aaron to have the Cadbury mini eggs ready as soon as I get the go ahead to eat again after the surgery! I have had a few contractions, but baby hasn't even dropped yet so i am thinking nothing is going to happen before the 26th and I'll have another c-section after all.

I am currently roasting a chicken for dinner. This is monumental for me as I have pretty much sworn off cooking big chunks of poultry as I can never get them cooked completely in the amount of time they are supposed to take to cook. I have a hard and fast rule against cooking turkey for holidays and don't know what possessed me to buy a chicken (actually, yeah I do - it was cheap as dirt), so we'll see how this goes.


Debi said...

Mellow sounds good! Just wish you were feeling better so you could enjoy it a little more!

Isn't it amazing how a kid can swear undying allegiance to toys they haven't touched in years?

Just had to giggle about the whole chicken/turkey thing. I have no problem cooking a turkey...they always come out great, thoroughly cooked yet still delicious. (Knock on wood.) But I will not attempt a chicken, because they just scare me. Go figure.

Enjoy this last week and a half of pregnancy, and try to get as much relaxing in as possible!

Jean said...

I was really scared about my first turkey until a friend told me to think of it as a big chicken. Chicken? No problem! Same with turkeys, now. The fun part is coordinating the turkey with the tofurky for the resident vegetarian.

Perhaps some day I should try a small chicken a.a.a a Cornish game hen. Cooking one, that is. I've mummified plenty of them. I've joked about trying to mummify a turkey just for the heck of it, but it would probably take quite a bit of salt and baking soda. Hmmm. Now it's tempting me again.

One week to go!