Thursday, March 20, 2008

I made it!

I can't believe I have officially made it full term with this pregnancy! And unless you count the pain and torment of not being able to eat Cadbury mini eggs at Easter time, there has been very little to complain about. I am definitely getting more and more uncomfortabel and have started waddling a little, but with less than a week to go I figure I can handle it!

Bryn and I have had a good week. We went to paint pottery and although she thought she was going to paint and plate she ended up painting a dog figurine and an Easter egg. I made a plate so we did get all the bases covered. We had a good time swimming yesterday although the pool was jam packed and the chlorine fumes were pretty potent. Today Bryn had her 6 year doctor appointment, but even that was O.K. since she didn't have to get shots! She is still taller than she is wide, but managed to stay of the growth chart for weight (she is the 1%ile). The doctor did try to convince her that she needs to try more foods but I am pretty sure no one has enough power to convince her to actually eat more than one tiny bite of what she tries!

Mema had her surgery today for the lumps under her arm and she is doing well. She'll find out next week what exactly they found and what the plan of attack will be.

Nicole (my step-sister) found out yesterday that she is going to have a baby girl, so put little guy will have a little girl cousin his age to play with. Exciting stuff!


Debi said...

Congrats Kara! Wow...a full-term pregnancy! Whew...

Glad your Mema's surgery went well. She'll certainly remain in my thoughts...I hope the news is good as far as a prognosis and plan from here.

1st funny! Of course, that's probably where Aaron falls, too, isn't it? LOL...don't tell him I said that. Wish I could make my way down to the 50th, but somehow I think that's never going to happen!

Hope you all have a wonderful Easter! Gosh...I can't believe there's only a few short days left till you're a family of four! (By the way, there's a box on the way to you...hope it arrives safely.)

Jean said...

I was thinking about you just the other day, Kara, about how it was almost time. Someone I know here just had a baby girl, and they're picking out a flowering tree to plant in their yard, figuring that it will blossom every year around her birthday. Good luck! I can't wait to see the announcement post here.

Irritable Mother said...

FULL TERM - what wonderful words!!!
You are full of good news today, aren't you? Glad to hear it!

~**Dawn**~ said...

Woohooo!!! And *please* tell me you have come Cadbury Mini Eggs stashed in your hospital bag. ;-)

kreed said...


I ahve an entire bag of mini eggs in my bag and almost bought more when I was at the store last night. I did manage to control myself - I figure one bag will be enough! I will NOT be sharing, though!

Jennifer said...

Isn't full term an awesome feeling! Congratulations! I sometimes thought I should pinch myself in those last weeks/days pregnant with Ruthi to make sure it was true! I could barely believe it somedays!
I'm so happy for you!

Susan said...

Hooray that you've made it this far. I will continue to pray for you in the next few days. I know that those last days can be grueling.

Hugs and Happy Easter!!

:-) Susan

gail@more than a song said...

Happy Easter!
And yay for making it to full term!