Tuesday, March 11, 2008


It has been a frustrating couple of days around here...between our health insurance company, hospital billing issues and my students I am about ready to scream. In addition, I have been having more of my lovely heart palpitations and haven't been sleeping well. So I am pretty much going to just whine for a couple of minutes!

I received a bill from the hospital (which we shouldn't owe) for my gestational diabetes consult and called to check on it. Billing tells me that insurance paid some $75 and I owe the rest. I call the insurance company who says they have no record of a bill for that date of service and didn't pay. So when I call the hospital back, they tell me that insurance didn't pay, but that I paid $75 (which I didn't) and that when they contacted the insurance company they were told I wasn't a member. So I call the insurance company who assures me I am a member, but then proceeds to tell me that my OB doc is not a contracting provider and unless my OB care is precertified I am not going to be covered anyway. At which point I freak out because I already checked all of this out before our insurance was changed and call the doctors office and pre-certification and everyone else under the sun. Turns out the person I talked to was clueless on how to look up participating providers in her own computer system. Gotta love incompetence. And the hospital thing still isn't resolved - I gave up temporarily. Yes, I was defeated by the system.

Then I check in on my online classes this morning to find an email from a student who I had given a zero on an assignment because it was late and she proceeds to tell me I have been mean and not helpful and she should be allowed to make up all the work (including 2 tests) she missed because her computer crashed (for many weeks evidently). Never mind that she never contacted me about any problems. And obviously I must be unaware that there is a computer shortage in this country and no possible way she could ever find a computer to use anywhere but at her house. And never mind that all of my policies about logging in to class and turning in work and contacting me if there are problems are CLEARLY stated within the class info. I am just a mean and horrible person out to keep all of my students from doing well in my classes just because I like to see them fail and I personally love the aggravation of dealing with unhappy people. You have learned something new about me.

And additionally I am throwing PVCs like crazy and it is about to drive me crazy. I know that in theory it is "normal" for my heart to do this and I have obviously survived it so far, but it is disconcerting to be skipping multiple beats per minute. I finally called the doc yesterday afternoon after 4 days of craziness and was told to go to Labor and Delivery if it picks up or continues at the rate it has been going. So far today it hasn't been too bad and since these "episodes" usually last 3 to 4 days it is probably just about over. One can hope, anyway. And I am sure my current aggravation level is doing a lot to help calm my heart down.

So I can't vent and not find some silver lining...

All looked well at my latest OB appointment and we're counting down the days until the 26th.

The girls at Bunco had a little (totally unexpected since I just started playing) shower for me last night and I got some cute outfits and towels and a bunch of diapers and stuff.

Elmer has only pooped on the floor 4 times in the last week instead of every single time he needed to go (never mind that he hadn't gone in the house in a month prior).

Bryn has Spring Break starting on Thursday and we are going to do some fun stuff before her baby brother shows up. We only have swimming and a trip to T-Rex restaurant on the agenda so far, but should be able to come up with some other good things to do!


Debi said...

Well, I sure am sorry you've been feeling so lousy! Even when you know all is well, it has got to be totally unnerving! I can't quite even imagine it, frankly. Do they never do anything for them? I know all Rich had to do was cut waaaay back on the caffeine and on the alcohol and that has definitely helped though not made them go away completely. Obviously for you, caffeine and alcohol aren't much of an issue these days. But my dad has had to take medication for as long as I can remember (though I think he has a more serious underlying cause of his palpitations).

I know Rich would sympathize with you on your student as well. He has a few of those each and every semester. Just yesterday he was telling me about this student who just left him a message asking what she could do to improve her grade. This student hadn't been to class in over a month, had also missed all the labs during that time, as well as missed both a regular test and lab exam. Did she really think a little extra credit is going to make a difference?!! Don't know how you all deal with it; I really don't.

Hope you're feeling better soon!

kreed said...


Thanks for the reminder that I am in good company with my heart and with my students! I have no clue what the trigger is for my heart - it seems every 3 to 6 months I get good run and then go back to where they are barely noticeable. Who knows?!?!

Jennifer said...

Wow - don'tcha just love insurance companies and how they totally have their act together? ;-)
I imagine this has all been quite frustrating, I'm so sorry!
And wow - about 2 weeks to go - woo hoo!!!! I feel so excited for you! I almost wish I could go back and relive those last days and all the anticipation again - almost!
Hope you and Bryn get to work in lots of fun stuff before D-Day!!!! Try to relax chickie - you definitely don't need any extra stress! Relax and enjoy!!!

~**Dawn**~ said...

Doesn't incometency like that make you just want to reach through the phone & strangle the person on the other end? Not nearly of the same importance, but I did just deal with the same sort of foolishness with Ticketmaster a couple of weeks ago. It's just plain maddening.

As for the student, I love how nothing is HER fault. I don't know how old she is, but she's got a rude awakening if she thinks the real world is going to give a crap or cut her some slack when she doesn't pay attention to her responsibilities. ::shakes head::

I hope you get to feeling better soon! Maybe your body is getting that out of the way before The Big Day! =)

Irritable Mother said...

Oh my!!! I think I would be going nuts if I were in your postion with the insurance and that student. I hope you at least felt a little better after venting. *grin*
Hang in there friend. And I vote for not giving them a penny until they get their act together and can figure out which end is up!