Thursday, August 9, 2007

Still in shock, but well fed!

I'm still trying to absorb the fact that I am pregnant and not recovering from surgery...I think it may take a bit longer to sink in. It is hard for me to be completely thrilled as I am a natural worrier and know all too well the things that can go wrong during pregnancy (a couple of years working at an OB office can really make you paranoid, not to mention the problems I had last time around). I have some good docs this time around, though, and much more time to lay around with my feet up since Bryn will be off to kindergarten next week!

We have been well fed as my wonderful friends have been bringing dinners by even though I am completely capable of cooking at his point - who am I to pass up a free, easy and tasty meal?!?

My Mom and John are coming in tomorrow night and are staying until Tuesday (and bringing meals since I was supposed to be incapacitated and Mom already put the casseroles together!). I don't have anything planned except getting the dining room curtain rod up so I can get some measurements for those drapes. We desperately need some curtains in this house as I am tired of hiding in the closet to change clothes for fear of scaring the neighbors!

And the "are you kidding me" part of today (not nearly as exciting as the last one!) is the fact that Crate and Barrel is planning on sending an entire new buffet to us b/c I need a replacement knob (one of them has some weird rust spots). Yes, the knobs do simply unscrew and come off, but evidently no one can seem to order just one knob. My request to simply go into the store and simply exchange my bad one for one of the good ones on their floor model was met with a two day delay while that request is emailed to the production manager. Who knew it was easier to order and deliver a whole new piece of furniture rather than send one lousy knob? Maybe I'll just paint the knobs hot pink and call it good!


Corrie said...

Wow! What a turn of events. Don't you just love irony sometimes??? Hope you feel good today! Congratulations!

Carrie! :o) said...

Now that is NUTS! All that for a knob?! Sheesh! dare I say that's STUPID??? LOL!

So, I gotta know, how did your husband and Bryn respond to the news???

Off topic but ... I miss Debi! *sniff-sniff*! Her pc bit the dust and is in the shop, blah! LOL!

Carrie! :o) said...

You've got an award waiting for ya!

Susan said...

I'm stopping in from Carrie's blog and wanted to say a HUGE congratulations to you! I had a big surprise pregnancy with DS 4 and I have to say it was such a blessing. I pray yours is also a blessing to you and your family.

And wow, what a neat thing to get a whole new buffet! Are they going to take the other one?

:-) Susan