Thursday, August 23, 2007

Sickness and sin

We're waiting on symptoms of hand, foot and mouth as it is evidently going around. We had a playdate here yesterday afternoon and one of the little girls had blisters today on her mouth and hands. Sigh. One of the other joys of children - all the fun germs they can pick up to make life interesting!

On a more amusing note, I cracked up yesterday when Bryn proceeded to tell her little friend all about me using a mean voice and adding sin to the world. "Sin, sin, sin - she is just making more sin using that kind of voice". Obviously something is sinking in at school - after only 5 days my kid is already preaching hellfire and brimstone!

We are still covered in boxes around here and I am starting to feel a little nauseated throughout the day so I am not getting much done. Not that I was getting much done before...I guess at least now I have a valid excuse!

I did send an email regarding the horrible online class I tried to take. I haven't received a response and am interested to see if I get one.


Carrie! :o) said...

Awww, hope that icky feeling goes away quickly. I didn't have any (not even one single morning of morning sickness) with this pregnancy. The 2 others were way different, though.

LOL, Bryn is too funny. Yep, school will do it!

Hope the germs stay away!

Debi said...

Oh evil woman, you! Seriously, I think I'd have peed my pants laughing if I'd overheard that!

Sorry you're feeling queasy! Hope it doesn't last long, and that it doesn't get any worse!

Irritable Mother said...

Please give my thanks to Bryn. Her preaching brought laughter to my day, and I really needed the amusement!
Yeah, the boxes are nauseating me, too. Bit by bit, right?