Friday, August 3, 2007

The fun continues...

All is well here...just continuing to move stuff to the new house. It is kind of nice to be able to take a few things over and put them away as we go. Tomorrow morning some friends are coming over with trucks to help us move the few boxes we have packed. Unless we get some serious work done, there won't be much to move! Also arriving tomorrow are Aaron's parents - Bryn is thrilled to have Grandma coming to play with her and I am thrilled that there will be someone to entertain her as she is growing quite weary of this moving business.

My surgery is still scheduled for Tuesday...the nurse called a couple of days ago to get all of my pre op info. I will evidently have a choice of IV sedation with a local or general anesthesia. The surgery should take less than an hour, so hopefully it will be quick and complication free. I try not to worry, but the stories I have heard in the past week about blood clots in the lungs after surgery are not doing much to calm me down! These types of situations are definitely the ones that my control freak personality does not handle well!

I think we have decided for curtains the full length of the dining room windows - being there in the late afternoon/evening with the hot and blinding sun coming in made me realize I definitely want the option to close some curtains!


Debi said...

So which route did you opt for? I'm not sure I could make a decision on that one! Neither choice sounds terribly appealing, does it?

Glad Grandma will be there to help out...things are so much easier when you can just concentrate on the job at hand, huh?

Good luck with all the moving! Can't wait to see more pics.

Carrie! :o) said...

Smart idea on the full length curtains! :o)

I'll be praying for you on Tuesday! That stuff scares me, too!

Have fun with the rest of the move!

kreed said...


I get to pick on Tuesday morning after speaking to the anethesiologist and the surgeon. In my experience, they don't offer much help in decision making. They just give you the facts and then say "it's up to you"!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Ugh on the surgery, but I think that's a pretty easy procedure and I bet it will be a snap. I'd be worried too, so don't feel like your'e alone :)

Glad the moving is going well and you've got "reinforcements" coming. :) Hope you get the rest of it moved soon!

Jean said...

I've sometimes had some success going the "If it were your wife" (I'm assuming here that the docs are male) "having this procedure, what would you recommend to her?" It doesn't always work, but sometimes I've gotten reasonable recs that way.

Jennifer said...

Anything involving any type of surgery can be scary. Seems like there are always risks, but seems like we always hear the worst stuff, and that certainly doesn't help! I'm praying that everything goes quick and smooth and you won't have any issues whatsoever. Hopefully the moving is helping to keep your mind busy enough not to dwell on all the "what if's"! Sounds like things are going well on the moving front - you'll be settled in no time!