Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I'm back

I'm finally back after what feels like a really long time of not blogging and not checking in on my blogging buddies, and I don't even have much news to report after my hiatus!

We're still battling sleep issues around here - mainly me not getting enough because Bryn doesn't want to sleep in her bed. I am not really sure why we're having a problem after 5 1/2 years in her own bed, but I guess me not understanding doesn't make the issue stop! I'm currently trying bribery (a stack of little toys she can choose from in the morning if she doesn't wake me up a jillion times a night) and punishment (no TV or computer all day if she does wake me up a jillion times). And no, neither one seems to be working!

I did the final walk-through the old place with the landlord this morning. He is going to charge us for every little thing including painting the walls and cleaning the carpets (they look fine - I already cleaned them), so we'll be lucky if we get 4 cents of our deposit back. Some of our other neighbors who had moved out had already warned us that he charged them for dust on their ceiling fans, so we weren't expecting much. He told me today that scuffs on the walls are not considered normal wear and tear unless they wipe right off with a damp rag because he will have to repaint before someone else moves in. Um, yeah - isn't that what you do between tenants and don't you roll that cost into the major bucks you charge us for rent? He was generous enough "to only charge us what the carpet cleaning guy charges to clean the carpets". I refrained from pointing out that he cleans the carpets himself with his own little truck and hoses - I guess that's a secret he expects me not to know since he does it during the day when everyone is at work. Anyway, enough of that rant...

I am taking Aaron's truck in for a tune-up tomorrow and am hoping I don't bring the same kind of luck I brought last time I took my car in and came out with a new vehicle! One new car payment is plenty!


Susan said...

You know, she's going through changes with Kindergarten starting. Perhaps it's a bit of anxiety. My youngest son did this and I finally had to tell him that he could NOT wake me up unless he had thrown up or there was SERIOUS trouble (and we had to define this). It took some time...yes, punishment and rewards, and finally he came around. It's not fun when you're in the midst of it, however.

Hoping things change soon.

:-) Susan

Debi said...

Ohhhh...don't you just hate landlords like that?!!!!!! Jerk! When I was in college, one summer I worked for a cleaning/painting service that specialized in getting apartments ready for new tenants. It was criminal, I tell you...we would have to clean every little thing, even though you could tell that the tenants had done a really thorough job themselves.

I feel your pain about the sleeping (or should I say, not sleeping) situation! Someday, I still hope to see the day when Gray will consistently sleep through the night. Though I shouldn't complain...he's been better this past year than he's ever been in his life. I'll bet Susan's right...moving, starting kindergarten, a new baby coming (does she know about this?)...all big changes. Hopefully, she'll work past it. More sooner than later!

How are you feeling these days?

Jean said...

In terms of the sleeping, don't forget the whole new house thing. Do you think she might be waking up and not be sure where she is? Afraid that she doesn't remember the way to the bathroom? If that might be the case, perhaps you should play a game of walking around the house in the dark. I'm reading a fascinating book on the science of survival right now, and the author mentions how most of us (adults anyway) can navigate to the bathroom in the dark of night because of the mental maps we have developed. Bryn probably hasn't developed those for your new house, and it might make her anxious without realizing it.

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Glad to hear an update :)

Ugh, what a pain of a landlord. I would argue about the carpets, especially if you already cleaned them yourselves. What a cheapskate :(

I wonder if your daughter isn't just needing some reassurance, with all of the changes going on. New house, new baby, new job for daddy, new school, etc. That's a lot for anyone (or have I confused something, sorry if I have!). I hope she settles in soon and everyone gets some really good nights sleep!

Jennifer said...

I agree with everyone else - the changes probably have a lot to do with the sleeping issues. Hopefully she'll be sleeping well again. I don't know if I'll ever have that with Ruthi - she's going on 3 and she still wakes up at least once at night! (I never had that problem with CJ!)

The landlord issue - ugh! At least you had a little warning and weren't totally surprised by him. But good grief! What a pain! Hopefully you'll get at least some of the deposit back!

Hope you are feeling well and getting lots of rest!

Carrie! :o) said...

Ugh, that landlord sounds like a crank! I know you'll be glad to not have to deal with him any longer.

As for Bryn, poor little thing. Sadie is 10 and won't sleep alone. Thank goodness for Libby and her double bed, LOL. She does have alot of new adjustments and I'm sure that has alot to do with it. Another thing to consider (maybe someone already mentioned this). She's in school now and kids talk. Daily chat that mentions *spooky* things may be in her mind without even realizing it.