Friday, August 17, 2007

Nothing new today...

It is nice to be getting back to normal with no new developments in our lives. I suppose there are a few "new" things around the house as I made a run to Target today for various items. But no new big things! I did have to laugh at Jean's comment on yesterday's blog...there actually is a new pet in our future! We promised Bryn when we moved we would get a fence and get her a puppy sometime after Christmas - that will be an adventure! If anybody has any suggestions for a calm smaller dog breed, let me know!

Bryn had another good day at school, I think. Figuring out what she does each day is a bit of a guessing game as she is not very forthcoming with any info about her school time. Thank goodness I'll get a weekly newsletter form the teacher so I'll have some vague notion of what's going on!


Susan said...

Awww...thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. It may be a "nothing new" day for me...but any day I get to go by Target is a good day for me. I love it.

I keep promising DS 4 a puppy when we have a fence...doesn't look like it'll happen anytime soon. Glad school is going well.


:-) susan

Jean said...

Ha! I knew it! I was chatting with my vet once about breeds of dogs, and you might want to look into Norwich Terriers. They're small and not as active as some terriers. They can be a lapdog if you let them. That said, I used to own a St. Bernard and loved him. Current resident canine is a German Shepherd-Corgi-Chow mix named Marburg (he's named after the virus, not the city; it's a long story, but his name was destined to be either Marburg or Ebola, and I personally am glad that Marburg won). He appears to be a full-sized Shepherd when he's lying down, but then he gets up and his legs are almost all Corgi.

School comment. I found that the old "tell me about your day" rarely worked. What often led to some fun discussions was my asking a totally off-the-wall question. "Did a giant visit your room today?" "Did you learn how to add munchkins?" "Did a monkey fly in the window at lunch?" The reply was often "No, but..." or opened the door to a specific question about something that did happen.

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

So glad things are calming down and you guys are settling in more. To me, going to Target and buying stuff always makes a good day :)

So glad your baby is doing well at school too!

Anonymous said...

I just read Jean's comment about getting Bryn to talk about her day ... have to say, she is SOOOOOO right on target!! Some kiddos make ya get creative, LOL.

As for the puppy, are you nuts, woman???? LOL! We were in the process of trying to find a beagle puppy when I found out I was preggy. I'm not a dog person so that idea came to a hault, LOL!

gail@more than a song said...

I don't have any ideas about calm dogs! We've always had retrievers, a golden when we only had 2 young kids and he was pretty good with them. Then we had the BEST dog ever, a black lab, but he's been gone for a few years now. Those are bigger dogs but boy did he love us.
My oldest got his little ones 2 beagle puppies and they seemed rather hyper to me, or just needed a lot of playing which they don't always have time to do.

Debi said...

Hmmm...what are Harvey and Clarissa going to think of a dog?