Wednesday, July 11, 2007

It will be over soon, right?

So I finally freaked out about the whole house situation. Maybe it's not perfect, maybe it's too expensive, maybe we'll never be able to sell it if we need to, maybe we don't want to buy from a builder that refuses to put a garage door opener on the third car garage door, maybe the sky is know the drill! I tried to convince Aaron I was overdue on a little craziness since I haven't gotten too bent out of shape during the whole job search. He wasn't convinced.

After spending about a half an hour over at the house communing with it and deciding that it is indeed a fantastic house, I had a little nagging feeling about the refrigerator space that a friend had pointed out looked a little small. We measured the height and width against the picked out fridge, but hmmmmmm...what about the depth. OMG! The space is only 27" deep and the fridge is 34" deep and the drawer won't open if a fridge is put in. O.K., let's be reasonable and measure the cheap rental fridge instead of the new sleek fridge - surely it would fit. Still 2 inches too deep...are you kidding? So I did the logical thing - called the realtor and freaked him out so much he went over to measure the space so we could both worry about it. I agreed to research fridge sizes and call him back tomorrow. How can we buy a house that can only accommodate a micro fridge? What kind of moronic builder does something like that?

Evidently a builder that is smart enough to know they make something called a counter-depth fridge that will indeed fit and the extra $500 a counter-depth fridge costs will be no problem for him since he is not putting in any appliances. Gotta love it.

And on top of all of it, the official written job documents Aaron needs to sign that were supposed to be here at the beginning of the week have been postponed by the dean being out of town. Kind of scary to sign on the house before signing on the job, so now we are trying to figure out whether to put the house stuff on hold until the job is 100% squared away. Aaaaaaargh!

At least in a month this will all be a memory - whether we're laughing or crying it will all be over soon. Right?


Debi said...

Oh heart goes out to you! Yes, you have every right to freak out from time to time! After all, how many decisions in your life are THIS BIG?!!
One thing to keep in mind...NO house is going to perfect. Both houses we bought had not minor problems. (Granted they weren't new or expensive homes, but I still think it probably holds true.)
I can certainly understand you're worrying about signing papers to buy a house before you're 100% without question, undeniably definitely in possession of the income you're relying on. That's the kind of thing that would drive me crazy!
I'm so impressed with your looking ahead attitude though! You're absolutely a month or so it will all be over. Hopefully that will keep you sane through the process. After it's over, we can swap horror stories and I'll tell you how close I was to the funny farm due to "legal problems" during the week before we were supposed to be moving to New York and closing on this house.

Jennifer said...

That stinks about the fridge! I'd be a bit upset about that! And I agree, I don't think any house is completely perfect!

I think I would definitely be freaking out if I were in your shoes! But then again, it doesn't take much to freak me out.

You really have a lot going on. And I agree with Debi - you have a very positive attitude, and that's wonderful!

Just getting a house is huge, but with the job stuff going on too, I can't even imagine!

We closed on our house a week before we got married, when it should have been 3 months prior to that! Things just kept getting put off. I was going nuts! Trying to plan a wedding and buy a house at the same time! I just about gave up. I needed your attitude during that time!

I pray everything just keeps right on going with no more glitches and you are in your house soon and your hubby is settled into his new job before you know it!

~**Dawn**~ said...

Breathe. Good air in, bad air out. You respond exactly the way I do in major situations: it all rushes in on me at once. And then it ends up ok in the end and I wonder what I was so freaked out about in the first place.

Carrie! :o) said...

What in the world ... that fridge thing makes no sense. That builder doesn't have his head screwed on straight. I am so thankful the builder we used to build our house was *normal*. I hope you're able to get some *peace* about this house and that you enjoy the process. Now, come on papers!!!