Friday, July 27, 2007

Dolls, museums and margaritas

The American Girl Cafe was an experience. Every little girl in the place had at least one doll and most had two. Each doll got its own little chair and cup and plate and all of the food was served on heart shaped plates. There were lots of flowers and lots of hot pink - a little girl utopia! And the American Girl marketing team has done their job well because the most exciting part of her day was Grandpa and Nana shelling out a pile of cash for a new doll and accessories. For a little girl that hasn't ever been very into dolls, she is becoming quite a fan of her American Girl dolls.

We went to the Science and Industry Museum yesterday. I must admit I remember loving it more when I was a kid, but I think that may have something to do with the fact that I wasn't trying to keep an eye on a 5 year old then! I did find the hatching chicks and the fairy castle just as fascinating as I did when I was young - and it must be genetic because Bryn was quite into the chicks, too!

Aaron and I met up with my high school friend, Dustin, and we went out for dinner and drinks. We drank beer and margaritas and had a great time- I always love hanging out with an old friends. That shared history just makes for a connection that is sometimes hard to establish once we are grown-ups!

As we were enjoying our peaceful meal out, it sounds like the typical family fun was starting. Gotta love family, but our gatherings always include a lot of stress and craziness and a fair amount of bitching and moaning. I can never figure out why all the spouses didn't run screaming into the night at the first introduction, but bless them for sticking around! Despite the unrest, it is still fun to see everyone and catch up on the latest happenings and we all always seem to survive!


Carrie! :o) said...

Mmmmmmmm, Margaritas! I haven't had a drink in ages. I kept saying that after I had Levi, I was gonna fix a big ol' one buuuuuuut I haven't yet, LOL.

Glad y'all are having fun! Sadie would love the American Girl place, I'm sure. She's been flipping through her new catalog for a few days now, LOL.

~**Dawn**~ said...

The first time I was exposed to the American Girls dolls was back about almost 20 years ago. (Am I *that* old??) These two little girls I babysat for each had one... and I remember being impressed by all the little accessories & details. I can only imagine they have exploded since then.

Debi said...

So which doll did Bryn get? You did take lots of pictures I hope!

Guess I won't be asking how the grandparents are again, huh? Hope you missed most of the crap, and the rest of the visit is smooth sailing!