Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Not much new

I don't really have anything to post about today, so I am going to just babble away. It has been a gloriously quiet past 24 hours and I am totally enjoying it!

I have been trying to get my act together and finally get the house organized. I tackled Grant's room yesterday and got rid of (actually just put in boxes and crammed into the closet until I can find a new home for them) a bunch of toys. Most were baby toys and I could have gotten rid of a lot more, but it is a start.

In other news, there is finally progress being made on the new sink and countertop at Bridges of Hope. I have been trying to get this going since I started leading the mission committee a year ago and it has just ended up in the "old business" section of every meeting as I just couldn't manage to find the right person to be in charge (since I know nothing about plumbing or construction I couldn't tackle it myself). Measuring is happening on Thursday morning and I am just thrilled that this project is now underway. It will be wonderful to have a nice, clean workspace when we go to serve and cook and I am sure the other groups that work there will feel the same way!

I am still trying to unload the last few boxes of Girl Scout cookies the troop has left over and I am beginning to really dread having to deal with all of the money when it comes in. I volunteered to be Cookie Mom because...yeah, a good reason escapes me a the moment!

I have been working on class stuff this morning and didn't have a single moment where I was screaming through the computer at my students. I seriously doubt this is because I am making any kind of progress in my anger management as far as class goes, but it was nice anyway!

I hear grant digging in the drawer for a new video...I better go distract him with some books or something before he grows an electrical cord as a tail (remember that Shel Silverstein poem? Jimmy Jet and His TV Set, I believe it was) from watching too much TV.


Debi said...

Isn't there just something about ridding your house of stuff the kids have outgrown? Or is that just me? Actually if I think about it, it was more sad than anything when there was just Annie. But now with three of them, I'm more than happy to just pass everything along!

And hooray for not yelling at the computer screen! My guess is that when that happens it has more to do with your students' behavior than it does with any anger management issues on your part.

Anonymous said...
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