Wednesday, January 6, 2010


We had a fun day hanging out at home...the snow started in earnest at around 11:30 or so and there are probably another 3 inches or so out there right now. Crazy that we are getting so much snow this year!

Barbara and the kids came over to play this morning and the girls were outside for a long time filling the window well up with snow, throwing snowballs at Elmer and trying to build snow forts. The boys stayed inside and Grant freaked out every time William touched any of his toys. That part wasn't so fun, but Barbara and I managed to keep both of them alive, have some coffee and chat.

I was reminded that my minivan is not a snow vehicle when I got stuck at the bottom of a hill while going to a friends house for a game of Scrabble this evening. I did manage to reverse it into a parallel parked position and Aaron is going to take me back in the morning so we can attempt to drag it up the hill with his truck. We will see how that goes!

There is no school tomorrow and I am betting there won't be any school on Friday either. I am hoping the Girl Scout sleepover happens on Friday night or Bryn will be pretty disappointed.

No more news...just enjoying the lazy snow days!

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