Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas Pictures

I didn't take very many pictures during the holidays...I didn't even get half of the family in any photos. So here is a partial photographic record of the Hudson family Christmas 2009. Hopefully someone else used their camera more than I did!

Here is my attempt to take a Christmas picture of the kids together. You can see how well it went...

Bryn and the tree

Grant was happier once he had the yodeling pickle to play with

Coffee helps Nana keep on smiling!

Oliver contemplates the fine art of stain removal

The turducken adventure begins...

They got the chicken inside the duck inside the turkey and packed in some stuffing, too!

The turducken masters

Turduckeny goodness!

Extra long (unplanned!) layover in Denver. And one of those lumps on the floor is a sleeping Grant!

Finally in Kansas and on the way home

Uncle Bryan and Grant

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Debi said...

Well, you might not have captured many photos, but the ones you got are fantastic!!!