Monday, November 2, 2009

Trip to Chicago with my girl...

Bryn and I had a great time in Chicago and I finally uploaded the pictures to prove it!

We hit the ground running when we got into the city...

Bryn voted for a ride on the Navy Pier ferris wheel


Warming up with some hot chocolate

Dinner with Valerie Tripp (one of the authors of the American Girl books). She was so nice and spent lots of time talking to all of the girls and telling them how to work at being a writer. It was fabulous!

I accidentally got a picture of Bryn mid-sneeze. It cracked me up!

Heading to the Shedd Aquarium. We got there right after they opened and the crowd showed up just as we were leaving. Perfect timing!

Bryn and Grandma

Bryn, Grandpa and Zita (Grandpa's caretaker)

Can't wait until the next girl's trip! It was so nice for us to get away and not have any of the pressures of the daily stuff. We made it through the entire weekend without any arguing - quite a feat for us as of late!


Debi said...

Awwww, Kara...I LOVE these photos sooooo much! I just can't believe how grown up Bryn is looking...makes me kind of weepy. I'm so thrilled that you two had such a wonderful truly does sound like the perfect getaway!

~**Dawn**~ said...

Ha! I bet you couldn't get another mid-sneeze photo if you tried!