Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween Ghoulies

We had a fabulous Halloween weekend starting with some pictures of the kids by a professional photographer friend of mine. She was so great with the kids despite the cold weather and the clueless-on-how-to-be-helpful-at-a-photo-shoot parents! Here is the link for those not on I can't wait until they are all done and it is time to order - I am looking forward to having some of the beautifully done pictures in my house after too many years of my snapshots!

Speaking of snapshots, here are some from Halloween. We had a great day - our friends Barb and Paul and their kiddos (aka Little red Riding Hood, Big Bad Wolf and three little pigs) came over for trick or treating, dinner and to watch the K-State game. I didn't manage to get pictures of all of them, but I got plenty of my kids that day! Grant didn't "Aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrhhhh" like a pirate all day - he was just about the grumpiest pirate ever. But Bryn made up for it by being a pretty cheerful puppy (imagine Bryn dressing up as a dog? Who would have guessed?)

In other news, Grant had his pre-evaluation for early intervention for his non-interest in walking. I keep thinking he is just on the brink (and I really think he is) but he just won't take off on his own. He will walk if you hold only one of his hands, but he just won't do it by himself. He is still adding words to his repertoire everyday, though - cookie, moose, me, movie, mouse, yo-yo, nana (as both banana and Nana!) and ee-i-ee-i-ee-o for farmer. And for a little guy who didn't get his first tooth until 11 months, he now has a total mouth full. All are in or on their way except two eye-teeth.

On the opposite end of the evaluation spectrum, we went to a meeting today to discuss Bryn's test results and options to give her a few more challenges at school. It went pretty well although I am thinking that if I had to deal with me while I work on getting what I want for Bryn out of her education I would shudder whenever I walked in the door. Aaron assures me I am a very squeaky wheel, indeed!


Debi said...

Kara, let them shudder!!! I'm proud of you for being that squeaky wheel! You know I understand what you're going through, and while I can't claim to have all the answers when it comes to our educational system, I do know how broken it is when it comes to the gifted (a term I despise, btw, but don't a better one to replace it with). I know you'll keep fighting for Bryn, and I hope from the bottom of my heart that you'll be able to get her what she needs. *hugs*

OMGosh, Kara, those pictures your friend took are sooooo gorgeous! Every last one of them!!! She's a very talented photographer...but then she had two of the most adorable subjects in the world! And they look so stinkin' cute in their costumes, too! You probably had to bribe Bryn to get her into that costume, huh? ;)

Marathon Mom said...

Good for you for being a squeaky wheel! Trust me, that's what it takes to get your child what they need. A lot of times if you don't ask for it, they won't offer. She will be better off for it!