Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fun weekend!

Had another fun weekend! The highlight was definitely going to see Wicked with Aaron. I really enjoyed it - the only bummer was the sound...when the whole ensemble sang the orchestra and the mics were so loud it felt like a rock concert! We did sit in my fav seats though...front row balcony. I had forgotten that professional theater is a really a far cry from what I usually get to see. I am now ready to get some season tickets so Aaron and I will have an excuse to get ourselves out of the house to do something!

Otherwise, just busy. My in-laws were here for the weekend to watch the kids and it was nice to see them. I scrapbooked Friday, did some shopping yesterday and went to church and took Bryn to a birthday party today.

Bryn had a Girl Scout sleepover last night. She got about 5 hours of sleep and came home and crashed this morning for another 4 hours. She couldn't believe she slept right through church! She told me they played Limbo and here was her quote..."You couldn't use your hands. Actually, that was annoying".

So there you have it...crazy life we lead here.


Irritable Mother said...

"Actually, that was annoying."
Oh, bless her heart! My kids are very good at identifying "annoying" things. Wish it wasn't so true of their frequent "That's annoying" comments. *sigh* LOL

And you HAD to mention the scrapbooking thing, didn't you. Ugh. I am soooo far behind!

Debi said...

Oooh, I'm so glad you and Aaron got a big night out...that sounds heavenly!

Oh, how I wish I could convince Gray that 5 hours of sleep is not a full night's worth. :/