Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Poetry and other stuff

Other stuff first...

I have had a good couple of days. No meetings or running around Monday or Tuesday so I got some nice down time and got to hang out a little bit with my wonderful husband. I managed to get our closet organized (at least enough to get everything crammed in and out of the bedroom), got to spend some nice time with my friend Barbara yesterday on her birthday and today while she helped me with some Angel Tree stuff for church. I got to come home to a clean house today (which for some reason just makes me feel like all is right with the world - especially when I didn't have to do the cleaning!) and I got word from the Humane Society that they are going to make an exception to the "you have to be 11 years old to volunteer" rule and Bryn (and I) are going to be able to go help out.

Grant is obsessed with cookies and buses. I probably hear those words at least 300 hundred times a day. Unfortunately he does not get to eat as many cookies or see as many buses as he would like to. I could probably do something about the bus problem, but I am pretty sure there aren't enough cookies in the world to make him happy!

Now for some poetry by Bryn. She brought these home from school and they completely cracked me up. I especially like the comment at the end of this one.

(by Bryn Reed)
A puppy was born.
On a bright and early morn.
He did a good job.
Not making a mob.
He liked the mop.
So on it he did hop.
You can see his smile.
From a mile.
He is sweet.
He will eat a treat.
He likes a guppy.
Oh, that puppy.
(Bryn Reed is a well known 2nd grade poet)

The cat and the dog had a fight.The cat did it with all of his might.
The cat was fat. He had a mat.
Which is what they did fight for. But the cat ran out the door.

The cat had a hat. He thought it was a mat. So there he sat.

In spring I wear shoes with springs. I have a bird that sings.


Nicole said...

I know Bryn pretty well, so I guess she's right. Ha Ha! That made me laugh out loud!

Barb said...

Loved the well known 2nd grade poet comment! Too cute.

I had a blast hanging out with you too.

Debi said...

"Bryn Reed is a well known 2nd grade poet"...OMG, that had me rolling!!! Too dang cute for words, that kid of yours! :D