Sunday, July 12, 2009

Where does the time go?

Time has flown by...Mom, Grant and I are about to leave Casper after being here for 6 days. We had a great visit with my grandparents and this year we were here to celebrate my Grandfather's birthday yesterday. Fun! We are heading to Denver to pick Bryn up at the airport - she has been in Boise visiting Grandpa and Nana this week. I am sure she will be bored to tears by us after all of the excitement of camping, four wheeling, horseback riding and whatever else they dreamed up to thoroughly entertain her.

We had a nice 4th of in Friday night and our neighborhood party on Saturday night. Plenty of firecrackers - no official fireworks this year but considering how far do-it-yourself fireworks have come since the days of bottle rockets and sparklers we had quite a show in the cove! Grant loved it and wasn't at all scared of the noise. I think we may have a little pyro in the making.

On the way up here we spent the night in Denver and I finally went to Casa Bonita. I have heard about that restaurant since I was in college and never had been so we tried it out. I must admit that cliff diving indoors was a new one on me. It was fun...Bryn especially like the arcade and playing ski-ball.

I did a lot of walking this week - 44 miles to be exact. Between Friday and Saturday I walked 33 miles and my feet are feeling it. I have a few new blisters and my plantar faciitis is pretty wicked, but I am glad I made it through. It was nice walking here as it is not nearly as humid as it is at home. Still hot enough, though! Hard to believe that in another 4 weeks it will all be over and I will have walked 60 miles in 3 days! I am looking forward to some serious time off from walking after that.


Debi said...

My goodness, but you all are quite the travelers, aren't you? Glad to hear you're having such a fun summer! Well, aside from the walking, that is. ;) And let me take this opportunity to say once again, just how awesome I think you are for all the hard work you've been putting in for this!!!

Melissa said...

We went to Casa Bonita last winter on our way to our house in Silverthorne, CO. I'd told Shaun about it several times and we finally made the stop. I'd been there a couple times when I was in high school and traveled with a church youth group to Denver. Our boys loved it! It was also just as weird as I'd remembered it. :) We sat by the diving pool so we got to see a few shows while having dinner and then we played in the arcade for a short time. We'll probably make it there at least yearly now. They boys have been asking to go again when we next go to CO. Not sure when that will be though!

gail@more than a song said...

You've been doing some serious traveling! And my goodness, a lot of walking too. What do you do for your fascitis? I've struggled with it for years.