Monday, April 27, 2009

Exciting weekend

We had a kind of crazy weekend around here. Mom and John were up for the truck and Indy races the first of which got rained out. When John, Aaron and Bryn got home we all had to head to the basement to wait out the tornado warning that was going on. This time there actually was a tornado and it hit about 3 miles directly south of here. There was another tornado warning later in the evening but as far as I know nothing was damaged by that one. We did learn that Bryn is definitely not into the adventure that can be Kansas weather in the could be a long couple of months! She did enjoy going to the races with Pops and Aaron, though!

I got some good walking in this weekend. We walked 8.5 miles on Saturday and 6 on Sunday. I did realize I have quite a way to go before I am ready for 60 miles - ouch! I am not sure what kind of crazy I was when I signed up for this but I am determined to do it. Hopefully with all the training left to go I will be good and ready by August.

I never did post a reunion follow up... we had a great time and are hoping to be able to have some kind of get together every year. we had a little lighter crowd than we expected after getting the RSVPs but it was a blast to see the people that were there.

Here is our group out on front of the school. The principal that we had is still there and he showed us around the school. It hasn't actually changed a whole lot...some nice new landscaping and much newer technology but it was still the same old stomping grounds!

Nikki and I

The old Poplar Estates gang! The four of us were practically joined at the hip for many years but we hadn't all been together in 10 plus years. One of the most fabulous things about this reunion was finding Andy and all being together again. I am thinking we will make sure it isn't 10 years before we see each other next time!

I am off to enjoy a lazy day. And then I am off to Stephanie's for a playdate - it is so nice to have kids as an excuse to get together with a friend and enjoy an afternoon glass of wine and some good conversation!


Debi said...

Glad to hear your reunion was so much fun! Were you close to most of the people who showed up? (Btw, that guy standing behind you in the big group that the principle or is really your age?)

kreed said...

That is the principal...his son was actually in our class! And the nice thing about our school is that it was K-8 so we were all pretty close by the time we graduated. Plus years and distance made any weird clique stuff completely disappear. It was great!

Nicole said...

So how long did 8.5 miles take?
Poor Bryn- Tell her that her aunt feels the same way about the weather. Not nearly as many tornadoes down here, but I really don't like the fact that I own a weather radio- or that it went off at 3 am the other night.
And the Bonnie finger thing is sort of a habit lately. I think it's related to teething...