Monday, April 6, 2009

Another Monday

I am gearing up for another Monday...Of course I guess since I am lucky enough to work online, in reality Mondays aren't really any different than the other days of the week. Somehow a Monday still feels like a Monday, though!

We had a good weekend. Bryn and I and a friend of Bryn's went to see the Wizard of Oz ballet at the Lawrence Arts Center. It was a lot of fun. Our TV and sound stuff was delivered on Saturday and Aaron is VERY excited. It will all be set up on Thursday (the people putting in the burglar alarm are going to wire it all up). I served meals yesterday at Bridges of Hope and then got a good nap in! What a great weekend!

I also got most of my walking in this week (3 miles Wednesday, 5 miles Friday, 6miles Saturday). I was due for 5 miles yesterday but just couldn't drag myself out in the cold and rain. So I will try to do it today...


Debi said...

The Wizard of Oz that sounds like fun!!! Glad you all enjoyed it!

Jennifer said...

Oh wow - Ruthi LOVES the Wizard of Oz - how cool would it be to see it in ballet!
Great job on your walking. I didn't exercise all week until Saturday - shame on me! But I did ride 20 miles on the bike Saturday - the weather was perfect for it!
Hope you have a wonderful week!

Irritable Mother said...

A good nap always makes the weekend great! *grin*
Hope you enjoyed your walk without the rain.