Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Back to normal

I finally feel like things are getting back to normal after a lot of chaos for the last few months. I have even tackled the laundry pile which is now only maybe up to my eyeballs instead of way over my head. I now have TWO working iPods (a new battery did fix the original one) so I am going to pass the little one on to Aaron. And, yes, it probably is a little selfish to give him the little one with fewer cool features but I figure since I am the one with a blister the size of a quarter on my foot I need it more.

I am getting excited about my 8th grade class reunion coming up in a couple of weeks. We are having a hard time getting RSVPs but it looks like we should have a decent turnout that will allow us to all really catch up on what has been happening over the last 22 years!

Bryn and Grant have both had there well kid doctor visits for the year...they are both below the 25th %ile for height and weight but are perfectly healthy.

I have been stressing out about class assignments for the fall - I don't currently have any but found out today that most of the schedule hasn't been set yet. We would definitely miss that extra income and I am in no hurry to go out and look for a new job!

In house news...
One of our windows has a leaking seal and has mold growing between the panes. It is past its warranty time so we will have to replace that ourselves. Fun.

We now have litter boxes in three different locations in the house trying to keep Clarissa from peeing on the carpet. We also have some beautiful carpet squares lining part of the basement wall. I am about ready to make her into a kitty rug but am hoping we can get her back to the box and save the carpet before it is too far gone. I have considered pulling it up in that area and putting down some cheap linoleum until she goes to the great kitty beyond but am afraid she will just find another carpeted spot to use. Sigh.

I think we are going to replace our upstairs couch with what is in the basement and put a home theater type space with some reclining chairs down in the basement. Aaron is REALLY excited about the electronic possibilities...that is lost on me as I don't care about it as long as I can hear the TV - where the sound is coming from is just not something I notice!

I am off to church this evening to teach the science section for the kids program. Not something I enjoy much but I feel like I should do it anyway since they always need volunteers. I love my kids but have decided that teaching little ones is definitely NOT my calling!


Debi said...

Extra-huge hoorays for "perfectly healthy"!!!

Has Grant really slowed down in his growing? I remember at his 6-month check-up that he weighed slightly more than Max did at his one-year check-up.

8th grade class reunion...guess that means another road trip, huh? Goodness, girl, don't you ever slow down? :)

I'm glad you mentioned Clarissa (though I am sorry for you about the reason why you mentioned her), because I meant to tell you that the boys were just talking about Harvey and Clarissa this past weekend. (Though they can't seem to remember her name and call her "the fluffy cat.") Anyway, I have no idea what got them started on this whole thing, but they dubbed Lucky and Aldo the king and queen of cats, but then thought there should be a prince and princess, too. Yep, that's where Harvey and Clarissa came in. :) I guess a princess can just pee wherever she pleases, huh?

Jennifer said...

Normal is a good thing - glad you are feeling it! And healthy kids - an even better thing!!!
I hope the schedules work and you get the classes you need - I can't imagine the thought of having to get a job outside the home! Yuck! Hope that doesn't happen for you!

My brain isn't working, so I can't remember what you may have said previously about your cat. But I'm wondering, have you taken her to the vet to see if anything is going on with her? Sometimes if a cat has an UTI, they won't use the box. We had that problem before, and after an anitbiotic, she went back to using her box. Just a thought - if you haven't had her checked it wouldn't hurt! Then again I did have a stubborn cat once that would pee anywhere she pleased for absolutely no reason! Hopefully you'll get the problem resolved!
Hope you have a great rest-of-the-week!