Saturday, May 24, 2008

Quick update

It has been a crazy busy week and is not going to slow down anytime soon as Grant is getting baptized tomorrow (by his Grandpa - pretty cool, huh?) and then my mom, Bryn, Grant and I are leaving to drive to Denver where we will drop Bryn off at the airport so she can meet up with Nana and spend a week in Idaho. The rest of us will head up to Casper to see my grandparents and pick Bryn up in Denver on the way back home.

Highlights from this week included:

*Bryn graduating from kindergarten

*Grants two month check up - he weighs ten pounds!

*going to the rodeo last night

*Aaron and I going to upgrade our cell phones and both ending up with I can get online on my phone!

*getting a whole pile of books from the library to read

*getting our tickets in the mail for Mickey's Halloween Party and swimming with dolphins at Discovery Cove for our October Disney trip

*getting my paycheck in the mail even though I STILL don't have grades for my class


Debi said...

Sounds like quite an exciting week...both the past one and the one coming up! But I want to see pictures of Bryn's graduation!

I keep meaning to ask--how is Aaron getting time off in the middle of semester to go on vacation? Do they have a fall break there?

And what did you get from the library? You can't just tease me by saying a big pile. lol

kreed said...


I am about to post some new pictures...As far as Aaron and a middle of the semester vacation - he is team teaching in the fall so he can swing it! I got a few Janet Evanovich books, The Rwanda "Tomorrow we will be killed...", and a couple other random books I can't even remember at the moment! but since I have tried to quit buying books, any pile of books is exciting to me!

Debi said...

Oh, I agree...any pile of books is exciting! I love a big old pile from the library, even if I know I'll never possibly get through them before I have to take them back. They're just so nice to have around, aren't they? :)

Susan said...

Oh....when you come to Orlando, we should try and get together! October is a perfect time to visit Disney...what fun!!

:-) Susan