Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Never a dull moment...

Mom, Grant and I made it safely to Casper and Bryn is enjoying Idaho but we had some adventures along the way!

We had an interesting beginning of the trip. Grants baptism on Sunday was great and Jim made it through without crying like a schoolgirl (as Aaron would say). We got on the road around 2:45 and were doing well until we got caught up in the the north end of a really bad storm somewhere east of Hays, Kansas. There were ominous dark clouds, pouring rain, a little bit of hail, tornadoes in neighboring counties and warnings from the radio stations to get off of I-70. Of course there were no exits for miles and when we finally got to a gas station we got to hang out with about 40 of our new best friends to wait out the storm. Fun stuff. Thank goodness the worst of it stayed to the south and after pulling Aaron and John off of the golf course to check the weather and help us figure out whether we could continue on toward Denver we kept on driving. And then around 11 pm both Grant and Bryn started crying. It's always fun to be in a car with screaming kids.

The next debacle came in the form of me forgetting the medical release I had so responsibly printed, filled out and gotten notarized to send with Bryn. So I dragged Mom, Grant, Bryn, Cheryl and Nicole (who surprised us at the airport to meet us for lunch) around the airport to find a notary to make official the letter I wrote up in the back of some printed Mapquest directions. I guess it worked in the end.

We are having a good time in Casper (Grant has been amazingly good) and Bryn is living it up in Boise - she had already been to the park, McDonald's, horseback riding and talked Grandpa and Nana into a game of go fish within the first 24 hours of arriving!

The last of the good news is that the grades and coursework for my class has been restored through the 11th of April and the rest should be back tomorrow - hallelujah! It sounds like the entire server will have to be taken down to get the rest, but tech support has promised not to tell anyone it is my fault that they can't access stuff for a while! I am relieved as I think I have already perturbed enough people in this process!


gail@more than a song said...

Oh you're traveling, on the road! Sounds like a fun trip...glad Grant is doing good with it all.

Susan said...

Wow, I can't even imagine having to pull into a gas station to wait out a storm! Glad that it all went well...sounds like things are good in your world.



Debi said...

Glad you all arrived safe and sound, and are having a good time!

And woohoo for computer geniuses, huh?