Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Not much excitement around here

Which is just fine with me. We decided on a local guy to do the basement and hopefully he will get started soon. We are shooting for everything to be done before the end of sure seems like a long time to have everything in the house in upheaval, but at least it will be mostly contained in the basement.

I have been feeling less than stellar this week. I can't decide whether I am trying to get sick or if I'm just suffering from pregnancy icks. If I am getting sick, I get to go share my germs with a bunch of kids at church tonight...I am in charge of the science lesson for our Wednesday night program.

I have a busy next couple of days (babysitting for MOPS, scrapbooking party, doctor's appt, and Bryn out of school early on Friday), but we have no plans for the weekend. It is the first weekend in a long time that we don't have anything on the calendar - it will be nice to just hang out. Maybe I'll actually clean my house...what a novel idea!


~**Dawn**~ said...

Jeez! I'm tired just reading all that!

Theresa said...

Sounds like you may need a weekend off to just relax- I hope you feel better.

Carrie! :o) said...

Busy Bee!! Hope you're not getting sick!!!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Wow, what a busy girl! I hope you get some rest this weekend and enjoy some down time - you certainly deserve it :)

Debi said...

Hope you're managing to "fight off the nasty germs"!

Now remember, Kara, do NOT say "yes" to any new requests for the weekend! Everyone needs a little down time...and I think you're way overdue!