Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Trying to catch up

It is always so hard for me to try to get back into the groove after vacation and this time is no exception. I can't seem to get the bags completely unpacked much less get all of the clothes washed. I suppose they will still be there when I get around to it, but I would just feel so much better if it was done!

The basement is coming along nicely - I can't wait until it is done. It will be so great to get all of the boxes and miscellaneous stuff that is piled up against the walls of just about every room down there into storage. Poor Cletus will just be sleeping in a drawer if it doesn't all get finished before he shows up!

Speaking of Cletus, all appears to be going well. My blood pressure was the lowest it has been all pregnancy when I had my appointment last Friday and there appear to be no other signs of slow growth or some of the other issues that were starting at this point in my pregnancy with Bryn. If I can make it past the 15th of this month, I will have passed the date when I went on bedrest with Bryn - it will be quite a nice milestone to pass!

We are starting obedience classes with Elmer - Aaron went to the orientation tonight and we'll have class once a week for the next six weeks. He has been doing very well with the housebreaking. The only downside has been that he can get easily aggravated with Bryn if she fools with him when he has a chew toy or is trying to sleep and no matter how much she is warned to stay away from him at those times she doesn't listen. I was hoping for the perfect easy-going dog that loves kids and I don't think we got it. On the bright side, he does really like to play with her and is always thrilled to see us all when we get home so I'm hoping for the best.

I signed Bryn up for swimming lessons and a big sister class and myself and Aaron up for a childbirth class (the class i was signed up for when I was pregnant with Bryn happened after she was born!) so we will all be busy for the next couple of months. I can't seem to resist filling my blank 2008 calendar up with too many things to do - I am pretty sure it is some kind of illness that I have!


~**Dawn**~ said...

Fingers crossed that Cletus continues to behave for you!!

Debi said...

Sometimes getting home from a vacation is such a pain that I wonder if it was worth it go to start with. (Yeah, I don't wonder that hard, but you know what I mean.) Hope all is back to normal soon!

Have they given you any idea when they might be done with the basement?

Woohoo on the old BP! Hawaii has its benefits, huh? How far along are you now? For some reason, I was thinking that you were on bedrest already at this point with Bryn. Still, you're getting close...and won't that be a great milestone to get past?!! You know I'm thinking of you!