Saturday, December 29, 2007

Soaking up the sun

Sort has been a little overcast, which is fine with me considering I still manage to get plenty of sun even when it is cloudy! We are having a great time (except for the laundry I had to do yesterday - yuck!) and have more fun stuff planned...luau tonight, snorkeling tomorrow and a submarine ride Monday. Gotta love vacation!

Nicole and Greg left yesterday (they announced they are pregnant so it looks like Bryn and Cletus - baby boy's in utero name! - will have a baby cousin in August) and Uncle Tom, Aunt Sue and cousin Julie came in yesterday so we some new family members to terrorize!

Bryn is loving the pool and the ocean. After getting clobbered by waves on the shore a few times she figured out when to run into the ocean and when not to. She'll run out and then she'll "catch a wave" into the shore. And she's still ready to do even when her whole body is shaking and her lips are blue!

It sounds like everything is going well back home...the cats and fish are doing fine and Elmer is doing O.K. at the kennel. Elmer evidently has a roommate - a little Yorkie mix named Archie. They are having fun playing in the 6 inches of snow that fell in Kansas a couple of days ago - gee I am sorry we missed that! I know that Elmer is fine, but I will be glad to get him back home with us!


Jennifer said...

Glad to hear you are having a wonderful time. Did I sense sarcasm in missing the snow? If it were me, and it snowed while I was away, I'd be so upset! But that's because we just rarely get snow around here. But something tells me that's not exactly how you feel! Enjoy the rest of your trip and soak up as much of that sun as you can!

Debi said...

A submarine ride! How cool is that?!! I can't tell Gray though...he would be way too jealous! (He's currently saving his money to buy one...uh huh, good luck with that, my boy.)

Glad to hear you all are still having a ball! When are you due home?

kreed said...


I do like snow, but I'll take Maui sun any day over snow!


Wow! Saving for a submarine - at least he doesn't think samll! We're headed home Wednesday and have an overnight in Oakland so we'll hopefully be home (with Elmer in tow!) by Thursday afternoon...

gail@more than a song said...

You're upset to miss the snow, silly girl! LOL!
Sounds like a wonderful trip.