Sunday, September 16, 2007

We survived the weekend!

It was crazy, but we made it through! And the house looks great because we moved all of the boxes - isn't it great how having some people over will motivate you to do things that will otherwise never get done?!?

We went to Aaron's work picnic yesterday and it was nice. Neither one of us was much up for introducing ourselves to a bunch of people, but I did meet a few people so I can put some faces with some names. Bryn had a great time climbing trees with the other kids (fortunately none of them were very tall trees, so there were no major catastrophes!).

I am feeling good and have even stopped the incessant nose dripping - only a little stuffy now. The not so bright side is that I had a couple of heart flutters tonight - a bummer since I haven't had any in months. I am hoping it was something I ate or drank as opposed to pregnancy hormones causing them. I know they are "normal" and know tons of people that have them, but it is still freaky to feel like your heart is skipping a beat. Fortunately I am tired enough to not have much energy left to worry!


Debi said...

So true about having's about the only time my house gets a thorough cleaning all at once anymore!

Sorry to hear about the "flutters"! I've never had them myself, so I don't personally know how scary that must feel. But it was scary enough seeing Rich have them (especially the time he was driving and nearly passed out!). Sincerely hope that was the last of them!

Irritable Mother said...

Once when I was dusting my daughter asked me, "Are we having company?"
Yes, having guests does motivate, doesn't it?

Praying the only fluttering your heart will do in the future is when your hubby enters the room!

gail@more than a song said...

My hubby has always said there's nothing like having company for getting your house cleaned up! And I have a SIL that says everyone ought to have about 2 parties a year so you can get everything cleaned up and fixed!
I just read irritable mother's comment and had to kids would ask the same thing sometimes when we got them to help us clean up. If we weren't I'd tell them that sometimes I just want the house clean!

Carrie! :o) said...

Oh yuck, the flutters. I have had them for years. I just hate that feeling. Glad your weekend was a good one!

Carrie! :o) said...

Okay, Woman! You almost made Coke come outta my nose, LOL!!!!! I just read your comment about the banana salad and you about killed me .... ya big nut, *no pun intended*, PFFFFT! LOL! You crack me up!