Saturday, May 26, 2007

Under the weather

Nothing like waking up with a sore throat and knowing it's going to be a rough few sick days...fortunately for me I have wonderful husband who let me lay around and try to recover.

We saw "Shrek the Third" last night - it was cute. Bryn enjoyed it - especially the snacks!

The bed is finally moved upsatirs and Bryn finally has a "big girl bed". All of the furniture fit in the room nicely and all the toys were simply displaced downstairs. That's a project for another day.

Today was the kick-off for summer reading at the library. Bryn's goal is to read 100 books this summer and we started by bringing a nice pile home with us from the library today. I know I'll miss reading to her when she is reading totally on her own, but 100 books sounds like an awful lot - maybe once I am over this current illness it will seem less daunting to get through that many!


Debi said...

Hope you're feeling better! (And I hope nobody else falls ill either.)

So what does Bryn think of her big bed? I'm soooo jealous! The boys are both still sleeping on their crib mattresses on the floor. Major pain in the butt, and not terribly attractive either!

And don't worry...even once Bryn is reading on her own, she'll still love to have you read to her! Even at 10, Annie still does. Good luck on those 100 books! Have you started yet? You could even put a list on the sidebar of your blog here so we can watch your progress. And maybe Bryn could rate them so we know which ones are worth looking for.

Since the summer reading program's started, does that mean Bryn's out of school now? If so, I'm jealous again! We've still got 4 more weeks!

Carrie! :o) said...

Awwww, (((Hugs))) ~ Hope you feel better! That's no fun!

We saw Shrek on Friday too. Cute, Cute!

You get some rest and feel better soon!

Debi said...

Just me again...wanted to let you know I tagged you.

Jennifer said...

Hi Kara - I'm stopping by from Debi's blog to say hi. Debi has become a good blogging buddy - and glad to hear she's converting more people to the blogosphere!
Hope you're feeling better soon!

Jean said...

Hi, Kara. I'm Debi's cousin-in-law. Don't think that just because your kid starts reading you stop reading to them. My boys were both voracious readers early on but still loved to have certain books read to them. We were reading A Christmas Mystery by Jostein Garder (spelled that wrong, I think, but he's also the author of Sophie's World) well into their teenage years. It's sort of an Advent calendar book, with a chapter for each day in December. It's sort of a family tradition. Anyway, hi! I don't blog myself, but I do read Debi's and Annie's and have bookmarked yours along with theirs.

~**Dawn**~ said...

just popped over here from Debi's blog to say hello. hope you get to feeling better soon. it's no fun to be under the weather but it's even worse when it's a holiday weekend i think.

kreed said...


Hmmmm...sounds complicated - that listing books thing! Ha!Ha! I'll have to figure that out.

Bryn is out of school...officially done with preschool -sniff!

Debi said...

I understand what you mean...for the next month I can keep calling Maxidoodle a preschooler. Then I'll have to face that sending my baby off to kindergarten thing.

Don't worry about the whole tagging thing too much. Lot's of people don't actually tag anyone else specifically. Just remember--it's your blog and you can do whatever you want!