Friday, May 25, 2007

Already behind...

So I am already a day behind on my brand new blog...not a good start! Ah well...I suppose my earth shattering news can wait an extra few hours to be posted!

Earth shattering news...hmm. Not much of that around here. Just busy trying to get Bryn's room cleaned out and rearranged so we can get the double bed in and the toddler bed out. It's a lot of work, but the bright side is that the garage sale pile is growing. I hope that translates directly into some extra cash.

We did get the news that Memaw is doing fine after her surgery and will go home today or tomorrow. What great news that is! We have lots of faith that she will hang tough and beat the cancer.

We also went to the rodeo here in Tonganoxie last night. Of course the carnival rides were Bryn's favorite part, but she did actually like the rodeo, too. Her favorite event was team roping because they rope in teams, she said. Very insightful, don't you think? The best part of the rodeo for me? Free tickets! We just happened to be hanging out by the ticket booth when a lady with extra tickets came up and gave them to us - too cool!

Today I am thankful for...
Friends! I got to hang out with Stephanie (and the girls) yesterday for play date and we planned some summer activities. I am so thankful to have friends here - it makes life so much more fun!


Debi said...

Aaron's grandma? What's going on? I had no idea she was sick.

A rodeo...Wow! How cool is that?!! Have you ever been to one before? I'll bet Bryn had a blast. Did you take any pics? If you did, you'll have to post them. Actually, I hope you post any recent pics of your little cutie pie...I know I'll be blown away by how much she's grown, won't I?

Carrie! :o) said...

Oh Yeah! Free tickets are always the best part ... well, that is when ya get 'em, LOL!!

kreed said...


It is my step mothers mom - she has cancer in her neck. She will have to have chemo and raditaiton, but she had a successful surgery.

No pics at the rodeo- I truly am not good about taking the camera anywhere. It just seems like I have to do more work for every picture I take, so I don't do it much!