Thursday, May 31, 2007

Say it isn't so!

So my best childhood friend (we lived two doors down from each other from first grade through high school) called me last night and she has picked bridesmaid dresses for her wedding. The dress is a beautiful, floor length taupe thing with spaghetti straps and fitted from chest to hip - a nightmare for a big busted, roundish 5 foot 1 inch person! Beautiful on the model of course, but I am not feeling so good about it! So there are now pictures of this dress taped on the fridge, my bathroom mirror, the pantry door and inside the pantry and the battle is on! I have until October to lose some inches (of which I will have to lose at least a few as I have no intention of actually ordering the dress in the size I am currently wearing - dangerous, I know, but I'll have to have it altered anyway as it will be about 3 feet too long!) so don't be surprised if you hear some whining and moaning between now and then.

Aaron's grandmother fell and broke her hip and is probably in surgery as I write. The doctors seem to feel it will be an easy fix, but any fix for someone pushing 90 is scary to me. Her steady physical and mental decline over the past few years has been hard to watch as she is one of the most vibrant, active and wonderful people I know. She has made it through some other major battles, so I have to have faith she'll come through this, too.

My husband informed me that everyone else is blogging about Lindsay Lohan today, so I thought I'd join in. I find that I don't have anything to say on the subject except that she seems to be one messed up chick with some real problems. I can't imagine being 20 years old and being able to handle the fame and fortune she has...


Carrie! :o) said...

LOL, oops, I guess I stiffed Miss Lohan today. I didn't blog about her ... wanna know why? Cuz I really could care less, LOL! Between her and Paris, I don't know which one bugs me more.

Good luck with getting into that dress. I'm not real fond of that formal stuff. I know I would be so stressin' if I had to wear it, LOL. I'm sure you'll look beautimus, though! :o)

Have a good evening!

Debi said...

Nikki's getting married? (Did I spell her name right?) Is she still in LA? Good luck with the whole dress thing! That is like a nightmare come true, I tell you...I can't imagine having to put this body into something like that...everyone would run screaming from the church!

Any word on Aaron's grandma yet? That just breaks my heart! Where is she living?

I'm with Carrie on the Lindsey thing...I just don't pay enough attention to the whole celebrity thing to even know much about her. But I have to agree, I think it's a miracle that any of those young kids (damn, when did 20 get to be a young kid?!!) survive that kind of fame at all! I wouldn't wish that kind of life on anyone.