Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Now I remember...

why I haven't been blogging much. I don't feel like I have very much to say. Surprisingly enough, I have been relatively mellow lately. I haven't gotten worked up over politics or stupid people or the fact that Kansas resembles a ring of hell complete with dead, brown grass and temperatures that make crying about them pretty pointless as the tears evaporate as soon as they are squeezed from the tear ducts. Although I am a little put out by the fact that I currently have no running water - it seems that Tonganoxie has been having a hard time keeping the water pipes together lately.

I did want to mention, though, that today marks Aaron's and my 13 year anniversary. If I weren't feeling so lazy, I would scan a nice wedding photo. We had the best wedding and reception ever (and I am TOTALLY unbiased). Aaron is still a wonderful husband, father, provider and garbage taker-outer. He puts up with a lot of craziness from me, and I am so happy that 13 years later, he hasn't run screaming into the night. Well, except for that one time. But he came back.

Anyway, Bryn tells me we have running water again. Time to go flush the toilets and rinse the breakfast dishes.


Debi said...

I totally suck! I can't believe I forgot it was your anniversary. :( If it helps, I also forgot it was Tuesday.

Hope you two wonderful, special-to-the-infinite-power people have a lovely, lovely day!!!! In spite of the sweating.

Can't even begin to tell you how very much we miss you guys. And love you even more.


kreed said...

Thank you, Debi! You are, as always, good for the ego and the heart:)

Jen Smith said...

It sounds to me that it's time to move to better weather and running water!! Also, it seems like you have such a lovely family and happy late anniversary!!