Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hello Again!

It has come to my attention that there are actually a few people who stop in here to read and they have wondered where I have gone (thank you all 3 of you loyal readers!). The problem when I stay away so long is the need I feel to recap all of the events I have missed blogging about. So here it goes... We muddled through the spring and early summer. Here are some of the highlights...
  • We celebrated the kids birthdays (10 and 4 - wow) 
  • Bryn finished 4th grade
  • Grant had his last day of Parent's Day Out (onto preschool next year)
  • Bryn and I took a Spring Break trip to St. Louis on the train with Riley and Victoria
  • The Hunger Games move finally came out 
  • Bryn played soccer and took a theater class at the Arts Center
  • Grant played blastball (a fast paced and kind of hilarious form of t-ball)
  • I went to Vegas with Krista and got a tattoo (OK...it was only a temporary one. I still can't commit to a real one) 
  • I finished my tenure as Library Board president - yippee! Now I am treasurer...
  • All of us visited Idaho and I went to Brave Girls Camp (more on that later, most likely) 
  • I survived another year of VBS. Probably more importantly, all of the kids survived another year of me at VBS 
  • All of the grandparents came for a visit (not all at the same time, although even that might work as they are all pretty well behaved!) 
  • We took a family canoe trip with friends 
  • Bryn went to Animal Camp for a week 
  • Aaron and I went on an adult canoe trip with friends and laughed our asses off all weekend. Actually, we laughed a lot but none of my ass disappeared in the process, unfortunately.
  • I bought a guitar that I have no idea how to play.
As always, when I list our goings-on, I feel like it is way too short a list to be taking up so much time in my life. That being said, I have been working hard to simplify my life and quit living at such a frenetic pace. Some days are more successful than others in that regard, but I figure it gives me a goal to keep working on. Or something. At any rate, dear readers, I am back...frenetic and crazy and always full of opinions.


Debi said...

KARA!!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh, I can't tell you how freakin' happy I was to see you posted!!!!

I can't believe you feel like that was way too short a list to be taking up so much of your time--good heavens, woman, I was exhausted just reading the list!!! You seriously never cease to amaze me with all you do!!! Yep, you make me feel like an under-achiever...but that's okay, because you're an endless source of inspiration!

Nonetheless, my dear dynamo of a friend, I do hope you're making lots of time for YOU! Oh my gosh, like Brave Girls Camp!!! I've been meaning to email you (yes, I suck) and ask you all about it. I can't believe you got to go. Was it as truly awesome as it sounds??? I so hope you do post about it! Oooh, and a grown-ups only trip--that sounds heavenly, even if the backside didn't actually shrink.

*hugs hugs hugs hugs hugs* It was just so freakin' awesome to read this post and hear what you all have been up to, Kara. Seriously...so awesome.

Jean said...

Why, hello, stranger. I come by from time to time and was pleased to see that you had awakened from the nap that started in February. It sounds as if you've been too busy doing to write about it, something I understand all too well. I hope the rest of the summer goes swimmingly for you and yours and that you don't roast in the summer heat.

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