Saturday, August 27, 2011

One of those days

You know...the kind where anything that can go wrong seems to go wrong?

Dead car battery. Lost car keys. Water leak. Internet problems. Class issues. Strong willed and stubborn 3 year old in tow.

And just to add some misery - a trip to the DMV where they only take cash or checks. Which then requires loading the screaming 3 year old back into the car to go to the bank for cash.

Good times.

But above mentioned 3 year old did provide some comic relief. After screaming in the DMV for about 10 minutes while I tried to renew my license, he stopped crying and promptly announced to all of the workers:

"I am done pitching my fit now".

Thanks little man. We're glad to hear it.


Jean said...

I love this story! You give that sweet kid a huge hug for it, okay?

Debi said...

As truly, truly sorry as I am about your horrendous day, I have to say the Grant story made me laugh right out loud! That is beyond priceless!!!

And here's hoping that today holds as many fun, joyful moments as yesterday held sucky ones!!!