Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sometimes it's the little things...

that make me happy. After my last post (in which I apparently sounded like I was headed for the nearest tall bridge or building based on the number of concerned calls and messages I received), I thought I would get back to blogging about the more mundane parts of my life...

Here are some of the "little things" that have put a smile on may face in the last week or so...

* Finding a show that hubby and I can watch together without one of us wanting to claw our eyeballs out. That actually brings our together-TV-show total up to 3.

* Some snow to make things look clean and white and new. Until all the cars roll through it and the dog pees in it, anyway.

* A new USB blood glucose meter that plugs right in and creates all kinds of fancy graphs and tables. If I have to be diabetic, I should at least have cool gadgets, right? As an extra added bonus, it was FREE because it was on sale and I had a coupon - now I can spend that $74.99 on something fabulous like test strips to go with it.

* Coffee. I had a cup of coffee the other day for the first time in a month or so. Yum.

* Aaron and Grant in their matching "wife-beater" tank t-shirts. I am not sure how I feel about Grant walking around actually referring to his shirt as a wife-beater, but he looked pretty cute.

* A couple of new non-stick skillets. I can even "legally" put these in the dishwasher because they actually said "dishwasher safe" on the box.

* Bryn "forgetting" to give me her report card for three days and then opening it and finding out that she truly did forget - her grades were great.

* My sparkly red fingernail polish. I will go more subdued this next time, but I love that after almost 3 weeks, the gel polish has just shown its first sign of wear and tear.

*Grant signing his goodnight songs with me - all out of tune and garbled, just like I sing them!

I am so thankful for so many big things (a wonderful husband, great kids, fabulous friends and family), but sometimes it's the little things that really remind me that LIFE IS GOOD!


Susan said...

Great post!! It's good to vent when you need to then back it up with the "mundane" things to be thankful for. Hope you're well!

:-) Susan

Barb said...

Well thats two more shows than Paul and I can watch together.

Its the little things that get us throught those BIG things. Can't wait to see the graphs and charts.

Jean said...

Just as little things can be so irksome to deal with, so other little things can be what gets us through the day. Let us know what you spend that almost $75 on!

~**Dawn**~ said...

Eh, we all get down sometimes. Hafta to feel it, vent it out & then pull ourselves back up again. No use pretending we don't feel badly sometimes. Then it just festers & will rear it's much uglier head later, right?

Which new show did you find to watch together? We, thankfully, have a good number we can watch (or at least tolerate) together, though we definitely have our own shows as well.

Wow. A red that isn't showing much wear after 3 weeks?? That is impressive!

kreed said...

Debi - We are watching Dexter on Netflix streaming. Creepy and twisted but it is intriguing.

The polish is a gel requires a trip to the nail place, curing under lights to set it and a lot of scraping to get it off, but it lasts forever. It is kind of nice to have nice looking nails after all of these years of them not even being filed or close to the same length at any given time!

BTW...did you move blogs haven't posted in a while!

Debi said...

I love this post!!!! :D Because I so love a happy Kara! Of course, I love you when you're sad and angry and everything else, too--but you know what I mean--I LOVE to see you happy! I've been thinking about you sooooo much the past few days. Even sat down and started writing you a real pen on paper letter but got interrupted a dozen times. You know, I so meant what I said in the comment I left on your last post--about knowing that you are going to put that damn diabetes in its place. But I want you to know how very much I'm thinking about you--because obviously, this is a big change in your life. And it won't be easy. And it sure as hell won't be fun. But I know you're up to the task. I just wish you didn't have to be, you know.

I saw your comment above--did you mean it to be to me or to Dawn? :) Anyway, I'm glad to hear you guys like Dexter! That's a show that Rich and I have been wanting to check out sometime. And since we finally broke down and bought the family a Wii for Christmas, you can watch it that way, too.

And I haven't exactly decided if I'm going to stop blogging on my blogger blog or not. I started a tumblr (so I could comment on a couple friends' tumblrs) and sort of discovered that I really like it. I don't post much there either, and I really don't post anything interesting :P , but if you ever feel like reading it, it's here: I do post pics of the kids anyway.

And just because it's so true, I'm going to say it again--I love you, Kara!

kreed said...

Huh...thought I posted back, but I don't see it!

I evidently hybrid responded to Dawn/Debi...I blame it on fluctuating blood sugars! :) Sorry!

Debi - Do y'all love the Wii? They are pretty fun! I have never even heard of Tumblr. I am evidently behind the times! and thank you for your kind words - you always really make me feel good! :)